How would a WTS 'operative' behave?

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  • Dutchie

    Jeez, I wasn't trying to be sly or anything like that. I was just asking a question, for goodness sakes!

  • belbab

    I’ve thought along similar lines, Simon. My question and musings are, How far would a WT operative go with subterfuge to establish that he is an authentic apostate poster?

    Decades ago, Jerry Rubin, in his book Rebel Without Cause gave advice on how to gain the confidence of some rebel cause. One of the things was that if they were pushing some drugs, marihuana, LSD, even heroin you went along with it and showed you were in the same league.

    Sometime ago, there were news reports of Communist China, placing sleepers in US organisations that remain quiet for years until something came up that required their services. Similarly, Ben Ladin, placed sleepers around the world operating clandestinely until the right moment arrived.

    Are there WT sleepers on this Forum, who lay quiet or advise the [i]storming of the barricades[/b] to a ridiculous degree and then when the appropriate occasion arises direct the course of events to WT advantage?

    My thoughts, based mostly on intuition, is that certain posters on this board have access to WT service department records, and can bring up information to establish credibility. They may know of events that took place years ago and refer to published news articles to bring the information to the fore, but these stories only bring up forgotten stories that do no harm to present day WT situations.

    Then when a subject like the WT involvement with the UN arises, they provide information to misdirect traffic and lead the hounds off into a false direction.

    So how far would an operative go to establish a false misleading identity? Would he curse Jehovah under oath? It seems it is O.K to use any subterfuge possible in their books.

    belbab, on the borderline of paranoia, perhaps?

  • Moxy
    Most clear is that trolls especially like to use repeatedly a divide-and-conquer strategy. To wit, I notice people lambasting Kent sometimes

    people dont lambaste kent because of some clever divide-and-conquer strategy. they lambaste him because he is an idiot.

    i repeat, never attribute to conspiracy that which you can more easily attribute to human stupidity.


  • hillary_step


    I have to say that I always enjoy your ability to strip an issue to the bone in a few choice words.

    Thanks - HS

  • anewperson

    Even by simple logic you can figure out that multiple personas are used.

    One is the "good guy" persona who is obviously anti-WTS, the second is the "bad guy" persona who is obviously pro-WTS, but the third most sneaky one is the one who is sometimes pro- and sometimes anti-WTS. This form of Theocratic Warfare tactic is commonly known as "Good Cop - Bad Cop," and is also employed in police interrogations.

    Let's say you are President of the Gov Body of the WTS and have a Gov Body member you wonder about. You assign another Gov Body member to be rough towards him, and second Gov Body member who acts extra sympathetic towards him. The targeted person will tend to tell the "Good Cop" sympathetic person everything.

    It's also played out in congregations with good versus bad elder enactments. The main goal is to draw out the person's true inclinations of the heart. Then once all is known that needs known the boom gets lowered.

    So how does one counter the personas' efforts? The easiest way is by simply knowing what is going on. Then you can use their own ploy so that it backfires on them. Or alternatively say nothing to either party, instead doing as the old saying goes which basically is, you don't need to bother showing anger or anything to them but do be taking action that deals with them!

    What action? That varies per situation. The best many would agree is to let their own rotten actions expose them. After identifying that's what they definitely are, gather the truth about Good Cop - Bad Cop then expose it to the brightest sunlight possible.

    Now that's how an anti-WTS operative works against a pro-WTS operative. Yes, they are here, so make use of them. For example, I know if I post a To-The-Gov-Body letter and mention Steven Lett, he will see a copy of it. Great! Now I'm using their own devices to an advantage.

    Feel good in knowing this. Even though they know what is going on, such as the silentlambs effort, their having that knowledge does them no good since they are overly confident, arrogantly bloated with too much so-called knowledge (some true, some not) and in summary misinterpret how to procede with the knowledge.

    Knowledge is power. But not knowing how to use that knowledge gained from peeping in on people like here on this board, is stupidity. They are a big old dragon now thrashing about wildly due its own stupidity. Misinterpreted knowledge is an Achilles Heel for the WTS.

  • anewperson

    P.S. I think you mean Kent is not an idiot in the sense of being ignorant but in shooting his mouth off sometimes. Maybe so, but he also often gets results. That's what I commend.

    In ancient times the Scandinavian peoples called the Vikings had certain individuals called The Bezerkers. These were strong warriors who grabbed an axe and threw themselves maniacally into battle, so worked up and frenzied that even when shot full of arrows they kept coming and inflicting mortal wounds. One beserkers might slay 70 foes.

    In modern English to be bezerk is regarded as a negative. To the Scandinavians (Norwegians, Danes, Swedes) however to be a Bezerker warrior is a good thing. And what is good is when you spot a true bezerker is, don't taunt him, but point him toward the real foe, the Watchtower men defending pedophilia coverup.

    You don't have to "like" a bezerker personally, though some may admire him. But you need to recognize him for what he really is: a warrior.

    An axe or a computer keyboard, it is what it is according to how it is used. Let us act in love with the sword or pen of the Real truth!
    Vikings drank mead, moderns drink beer. Truth fired up with the Spirit of fairness remains, and the Tower is melting from the heat.

  • TMS

    Jumping in late as always . . .

    The stance of a Watchtower operative would perhaps be primarily that of a lurker, jotting down locations, names, pertinent facts for future reference. . . If any innocent, naive sheep seemed to be straying into apostate waters, perhaps an open email would be discreetly utilized.

    Opposition strategy would be carefully noted and incorporated into security considerations for assemblies and meetings. These could be introduced for consideration at the appropriate planning session.

    No real WTBS operative would engage in dialogue or refutation in a forum like this. No fine soil here.


  • D8TA

    Can someone come tuck me in bed and turn the night light on? There's a WTS operative in my closet, and under my bed. :(
    **giggle giggle**

    Seriously: I dont think you can ever really tell **cough mav-man cough** that there is a ***cough mav-man cough*** WTS operative working **cough mav-man cough** on any of the boards. YouKnow what? They can be awfully tricky, YouKnow? And as YouKnow, they wouldn't come out and say it either.

    They just Farkel around with their Plowbitch all day long, so you shouldn't really be concerned. With all the D8TA they have on apostates, they be just as happy as playing Simon says. I know this post is long, just don't get Sleepy just yet. I know I am still anewperson, but bare with me. Or I will post Elsewhere.

    With all the silentlambs that lurk here, they may have had an idea inspired by a DakotaRed sunset. See, four operatives may be at work. They decide that a good way to date is to go double Dutchie, and post on various MadApostate sites. Then of course, you cant rule out that this may just be a collegegirl, who thinks she's the QUEENIE of all, and getting her kicks. Just trying to get some some RR. But dont shoot me, I'm just the Messenger.

    Amazing, something caught my attention while noticing a desertflower behind those beautiful sunscapes. TheStar light can reveal the operative, even after extinguising their smolderingwick. We just need to be like Scully from the X-files, and Marchon with an objective view. Listening to Roy orbinson can relax us, as we score a TD on exposing this Apostateman. Where is Wonderwoman77 when you need her!?!

    Of course only a heathen would resort to ThiChi to resolve this problem. Thus, never knowing Adam from a conspirator. Especially when these operatives are Invisible. I may be a badboy for saying this, but I think it's dmouse. Really! Think about it! He acts like a bittermango all the time! Just look where he roams, near the the candy machine that's Outaservice all the time! And the resembelance to Bendrr of Futurerama is amazing! Roaming around like a freakin Zombie!

    But as in the immortal words of TheApostleAK chp 3 v.6 I must be humble and reside in a dogpatch if I'm mistaken. And unto the example of Josephus, watch ninjaturtle cartoons and mind my own biz.

    My advice, remember Puffsrule: A Pathofthorns under the radar, leads to MrMoe..a happyman. And dont let conspiracies rule your life Mindchild. It's like having a butalbee in a deddaisey, in your hand. Gopher the real truth in life. Avengers will allways rectify the situation.

    Just remember, a mole has LyinEyes, and smells musky. Which most likely is an Englishman in Rags with an Islandwoman in Lilacs, talking about his Aunty. The Availablelight on this situation will reveal this slipnslidemaster of his deeds. I heard he likes meatpie with Pepper too.

    Anyway, I've lostmyself in this post, I'm going to play Defender on my computer now. By the way, I'm a Lefty...any suggestions where I can by a mouse for my PC? And my ISP is acting weird as well.

    Sorry to end this post, my eyes are getting Misty as I leave. Forgetmenot. :)


    P.S. If I've been rekless, just say I'm full of Beans. I was trying to be Fairminded about this situation.

  • butalbee

    You know I am secretly a spy for the WT, monitoring this site for potential apostate forces.

    And you all thought I was a nympho, nope, just testing you all, for your apostate explicitness...

    Oh, BTW--what hidden message do you see watching this chicken dance?


  • butalbee

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