How would a WTS 'operative' behave?

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  • Simon

    I'm sure several here have posted and tried to be a thorn in the flesh of some of the JW-loyal forums on the net.

    What was most effective? If someone announced "I am an apostate and I think you JWs are all wrong and I will prove why" do you think they would last very long? Of course not! To be able to do any damage so to speak, a careful masquarade would need to be maintained of being a loyal JW while stying to stir things up.

    Now, think of how anyone opposed to us 'opposers' would behave here ...

    Would they announce that they are JWs and they they were going to "set us all straight" ... or would they pretend to be an apostate ... pretend to 'help with the cause' but try and do more harm than good?

    Just something to consider although I don't want to make anyone paranoid. Think twice before someone suggests you storm the barricades ... they may just want to prevent a carefully planned attack later.

  • gravedancer

    Simon - you are a troll.....

  • cecil

    well said Simon!

    So how should we behave towards this "wt-spy"-class? Well, Mathhew quotes Jesus, saying: " as cunning as snakes and as innocent as doves!"


  • Moxy

    interesting. however, i dont think you can draw a clear analogy between what one side would do and what the other side would do. they are very different groups. whereas so many apostates are bent on causing damage to the WT, thinking militarily, JWs do not generally think the same way about apostates. its hard to think objectively for those outside about what like is like inside, but really there is very, very little thought or mention of apostates. and the thinking that is there is pretty dismissive. after all, they no longer exist as people, remember? there are a few military types that think of it as a power struggle, and then of course there are the real freaks that send messages to folks around and sputter out barely coherent threats of annihilation in ALL CAPS and really bad grammar. but these guys are freaks, not representative of JWs, and not clever enough to pull off infiltration and subterfuge.

    while its possible that there are operatives, in short, i never attribute to conspiracy what i can more easily attribute to garden-variety human stupidity.


    He say you BWADE WUNNAH

  • Dutchie

    "Think twice before someone suggests you storm the barricades ... they may just want to prevent a carefully planned attack later."

    We have all been advised to send daily emails to NBC with regard to the Dateline airing. Would that be an example of "storming the barricades"?

    Just wondering.

  • anewperson

    The reminders to send a "please-air" email to [email protected] echo those of Amazing and Silentlambs, and Silentlambs/Bill Bowen has asked that this be done daily until the documentary on the Watchtower covering up pedophilia gets scheduled for airing. Sly try, Dutch.

  • Simon

    No, this isn't targetted at anyone - it's just something that occurred to me (my warped mind I guess!).

    We should of course be careful not to 'annoy' people/3rd parties that are potentially helping by abusing their help etc ... but I think it's important with the Dateline thing to let them know the level of interest in their programme.

  • AlanF

    Your cautions are well taken, Simon. I have no doubt that certain persons on this forum fit the bill.


  • anewperson

    Not improbably Watchtower trolls (whom I understand are known to Brooklyn as their "Fellow Workers") are also emailing Dateline trying to sound rudely insistent that the documentary be aired, hoping this will elicit the opposite effect. It won't work though for Dateline has seen it all before.

    Our Free Christians News readers are encouraged to be courteous in asking for the Silentlambs documentary to be aired. If Bill does ever wish us to not have the readers do so at any point then we will comply out of respect for him at once, urging readers to do the same.

    Most clear is that trolls especially like to use repeatedly a divide-and-conquer strategy. To wit, I notice people lambasting Kent sometimes, Randy less often. Though Kent's personality may be brusque as some say, his efforts have been enormously powerful for exposing the Watchtower Society.

    They have done the same with myself some too, and I suspect that behind our backs (Kent's, Randy's et al) they try to separate you from us too, Simon. Thanks for bearing with us. Their sneaky little moves just show one main thing, they are running scared!

    Smiling: Run, Watchtower, run, run!

  • hillary_step

    Hello Simon,

    Interesting topic.

    The 'labels' are the most difficult barrier to break and to hide. Humans tend to live and function by the defining of reactions within labels.

    Think of a few that we learned in WTS heaven, 'apostate', 'loyal', 'weak', 'inactive', 'active', 'loving', 'their own ideas' etc. etc. These trigger certain reactions within us, even if we have been removed from a WTS environment for many years.

    Labels make a persons agenda transparent because it is virtually impossible to hide the spontaneous reaction that we all have toward them, whether written or verbal. Part of an Intelligence Officers training is to undergo psychological programming designed to transfer these natural reactions into a different direction, thus preserving an intellectual integrity.

    For example, when the word 'apostate' is mentioned, it would trigger in such a person, a different psychological reaction, dependent on their programming. 'Apostate' could become 'gentle', triggering off an altogether different reaction, both mentally an physically. Lie detector tests can be 'cheated' by this method.

    The agenda of most JW's and XJW's on these discussion Boards is transparent. Subtlety is not the nature of the beast, and you certainly do not need lie detector

    It is only when a person is ready, even for a moment, to lay aside the 'labels' that information can filter through effectively. Sometimes this can happen if a person has been shocked outside the social labeling system by a traumatic event. With a JW it could be that they find themselves disfellowshipped, or bereaved, or let down. At such moments it has been shown that psychologically, people momentarily slip out of the 'labeling' straight-jacket and are more open to outside intellectual stimuli. It is probably at such times that a person *truly* questions their theological inclinations.

    A recent poll, for example taken within the Catholic Church regarding the issue of child-abuse returned the following interesting reactions : 65% of persons polled said that the issue had badly damaged the church, 95% however, said that it had had *no* affect on their faith. I suspect that this will be a similar reaction to the average JW, who even when confronted with the publicity of child-abuse within the WTS will agree that the WTS has been damaged in the public eye, but that their faith has not.

    Psychological labels are powerful notions to have to overcome.

    Best regards - HS

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