Whats the worst 'get-together' game you endured?

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  • Latte

    Hey Slip!

    Yes, ice skating...such a thrill...holding hands....HAHAHAHA........

    Never missed it!

    You could be from around my area....??

    Seems that many had excellent times, other no so good.

    I personally love Karaoke ....I have a voice similar to Britney Spears.....hee hee


  • Elsewhere

    Ugggg! I hated JW gatherings! They were always conditional on studying the WT.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
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  • Latte


    Yeah, I know of someone who used to sit there pointing out 'good points' from the W/t......such a pratt!!


  • JBean

    Joelbear, Gopher and the rest of you... I am falling off my chair laughing... Where DID you all grow up, man?! ahahah! I actually can't remember being invited to any parties where games like this were played... I DO remember going to lots of parties where all the "youth" would pair off and make out in dark corners... yup.. those were the good old days! Oh.. btw... all my friends that threw these parties... ooppsss! Not JW's anymore...

  • Gopher

    Joel, in Minnesota we also played "Where'd you go, Who'd you see, what'd you say, what'd they say, what was the result." It was usually quite funny the first couple go-arounds.

    JBean, your parties were, uh, more "educational" than any of the Watchtower pre-study parties I went to!!

    -J.R., member, UADNA-MN
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Minnesota division)

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  • Xena

    Aahhhh the skating parties! Waiting for the "couples" skate and hoping the guy you liked would ask you...gasping clammy hands and skating round and round...

    ROFL flower there are very few JW's I want to imagine naked!!!!! When Tim and I want to totally crack up we play "I wonder what they look like doing it"....it can get pretty gross though!!!!!

  • Xena

    Oh I almost forgot. My JW niece was telling me about a party at her house with two other JW couples (all in their very early 20's)...they played DRINKING GAMES!!! (insert shocked sound here) And as part of the game when someone got a certain card and had to drink they had to do stuff like grab their spouses breast! I was like, Hey why didn't I get to play these games when I was a JW????? She didn't seem to see anything wrong with it...and I certainly didn't discourage it...but it is funny to think of what they are getting up to, isn't it???

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I went to a lot of skating parties. It was the only time we got to hold hands and get away with it! We were so naughty!!

  • patio34

    The worst one was my last one. It was miserable. There were ones there who bragged about how their kids went to college, etc. They were very wealthy and loud. The rest seemed to sit like lumps on a log. My grandson was completely ignored (he was only 4). I left and vowed that i would NEVER attend another affair like that. That was only about 2 months before i left the JWs for other reasons. But by then, i was already on the way out and that was one of the final straws.

  • Latte


    I can’t believe that the ‘Scissor game’ is so universal…..hope that it hasn’t live on!

    I would usually just drink the whole night and 'observe' and would end up offending the self-righteous because I had more than 1 or 2 drinks.
    No ‘drink’ at the ‘get-bored’ parties I attended. Only Tea or Coffee….if your lucky! (oops….. shouldn’t use that word ‘lucky’)

    Poor Kitty sounds like a lot of fun! Clearly you had more imaginative ones in your circle of friends…..excellent! I can see why you miss them.

    Please describe ‘spoons’ for me……I always thought that it was something for pregnant couples!…….lol

    ‘On my way to Jerusalem’ ….sounds the perfect game for my under eight years olds! Hee hee

    Hey Elvis!…….er I mean Simon….lol


    Back then, I loved pictionary too! I wonder if it was only dubs who bought that game? lol


    Anyway, anyone who grew up in the borg remember any other ways you kept yourselves busy in service?
    Taking regular coffee breaks helped, but to make the most of this precious breaktime, one would have a large pack of Chocolate Digestive biscuits, (must be McVities brand) which would likely be demolished before returning to the ‘lords work’. Oh the good ol’ days! lol

    Thanks for everyones comments....so funny. Guess it wasn't just me then!


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