Elder Rips Off Elderly

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  • abbagail

    anewperson asked:

    Anybody know what a NONI or MHM are?

    I'm guessing, but NONI may be referring to NONI-Juice. Do a simple search on the net and I'm sure you'll find tons of info on Noni-Juice.

    MHM I do not know... maybe MLM? which is multi-level-marketing. Or MSM? (which is a health supplement).

    Thanks for those articles, Nathan!

  • Dia

    Now hold on just a minute there before you all get carried away. Sometimes things are not as they seem. Have you really considered these other possiblities?

    1) Maybe back then they just didn't know that this was a crime. Maybe he just didn't really understand that this was WRONG.

    2) Is he truly repentant? You know, he could be....we're not really in a position to judge, you know. Why don't we all just wait and hear what the WTS and the elders have to say about it before we start drawing our own conclusions. 'Let him who is without sin...' y'know. Don't you do wrong things, too?

    3) Maybe he was just really trying to help them.

    4) Everybody has their weaknesses.

    5) I think the brothers ought to get together to try to compensate for his indiscretions. Imagine what a wonderful testimony that would be to Jehovah's name.

    6) Think about all his other fine qualities. Aren't they worth something? Don't judge a man by one little misjudgement.

    7) He probably just didn't know any better.

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