Brainstorming about something that all of us would be interested in

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  • will-be-apostate

    I started to feel this kind of devotion when someone comes to the conclusion that the ultimate goal of his life is to make this cult disappear from the history.

    So, I`ve been thinking, how could we – yes guys, we, ordinary people – complete such kind of project.

    • Why don’t we make an organization against them? We could maintain it from donations,
    • maybe start printing our own magazines about how they are misguiding people.
    • We definitely should sign up for Google AdWords to advertise anti-jw sites.
    • We need to draw attention on the facts that we have luckily come to know.

    These are some of what crossed my mind during the recent weeks. How about yours?

  • mrsjones5

    If you live in the states there's always the community college option. There are programs that can help you pay for college. A much better option than bombing the GB.

  • Tater-T

    lots of people have gone to college with out parents footing the bill..

    be careful of making bombing threats on internet or any where... or thinking that ... It's a bad idea

  • jgnat

    Why not go ahead and apply for student loans and scholarships without your father's help? Make sure you let everyone in the administration know that your father is not financing your education and why.

  • Londo111

    Your first suggestion is alarming and morally wrong. Even if it was not, it would do little good. The Society would simply form another GB. This would entrench the JWs stronger in their views because they would feel persecuted by an act of violence. Violence is never the answer.

  • will-be-apostate

    Oh man, you people from the states are really freaking out when heard or reads about "bombs". It was a joke to point out something. I will remove it, i dont want to get into trouble for this one. The whole point of the post is methods of bringing down the Watchtower, and not my education. That was just for introduction. Btw, I live in Romania.

  • Chaserious

    If you are joking about suicide bombers, don't. It's not funny.

    If you are serious, I hope you will consider talking to a mental health expert.

    I know it's difficult when your life is adversely affected, but don't make it your life's goal to destroy the borg. That is something that is completely beyond your control. Make it your life's goal to better yourself in spite of obstacles and to help people. If that includes helping people exit or see TTATT, that's great.

  • mrsjones5

    Joking about bombs is so far from funny it ain't even funny.


  • tornapart

    Not everyone can afford to send their kids to college (university in the UK). Kids here quite often have to have a 'student loan' that is paid off over a number of years once they have a decent paying job. The other alternative is get an apprenticeship. Earn while you learn. You start off on a low wage and work your way gaining experience and qualifications, sometimes to degree level. Is this something you could do? Not really sure why parents should be expected to pay for their kids education! Regardless of whether they are JW or not.

  • LostGeneration

    Just go live your life. Most of what you have mentioned has already been done.

    The information out there exposing the WTS covers several thousand pages. If an active JW wants it, they can get it with a couple keywords in google. Buying adwords would be an incredible waste of money.

    This religion was built one brick at a time, it will come down that same way, over a similar period of time.

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