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  • Jaidubdub

    I'm new here but have been lurking here for a couple of months. I am 3rd gen born in but have been inactive for a few years but always had the intention to make another go of the truth, but not now that I know TTATT. I became inactive due to the inhumane treatment from family members who are elders. I literally felt like I was looking at a Pharisee when hearing them on the platform. Let's just their actions were so upsetting to my situation/circumstances that i had considered ending it all... I then came across a post on YouTube showing the origins of the WTS, and then this site.. I was so shocked I was literally walked around in a daze for days, but it all made sense!!! It was like the blinkers have finally come off & I see the org for what it is. I now understood why such things were happening, and I no longer wanted to end my life. I guess u can say, it saved my life. But now I am dealing with the realisation that I have been lied to all those years!!

    I still associate with many jw's socially & manage a mtg once every couple months. Coz I usually stay at other friends houses on weekends & have been known for visiting other kh's & ca's, I guess I get away with many thinking I attend more than I do. The elders no longer bother with me as I have set them straight on a couple of occasions over the years when their actions towards me were no only hurtful, but showed just how unspiritual they really were. They now leave me alone, I guess I am in their 'too hard' basket. I have started making the occasional comment hoping it will make others wake up but have been careful to keeps my thoughts to myself from certain jw's. But I have noticed around my area, even though you have some who are hard-core fanatical jw's, there are also many that have suffered at the hands of those fanatical and in higher positions and some have become inactive coz of it. They know something is not right, but just not quite sure why. If only they knew TTATT!! Not sure how I plan to go about completely leaving yet, coz as most of you know, there is a very heavy price to pay. So just going to suss things out for a while...

    just want to thank you all for opening my eyes...

  • poppers

    Welcome to the board.

  • FingersCrossed

    Welcome Jai! Glad to see another one person set free!

  • gorgia

    Welcome Jaidubdub!


  • Slavenomore

    fantastic job getting free, it's a bit painful like a birthing process but when you see the light, it is all worth it. Good luck and welcome! slavenomore.

  • LisaRose

    Welcome, glad you came. When people first learn TTATT they immediately try to tell their family and/or the elders, because they are shocked by this new knowledge and want to share. This almost never works well, as you probably know by lurking here. People have to be ready and willing before they will be open to information that challenges their belief system. Disfellowshipping is the usual outcome, and divorce is also a risk. Some have been successful in bringing family out, but they have had to be very careful, sowing tiny seeds of doubt and then patiently waiting for those seeds to grow.

    Only you can determine how to get out in your circumstances, but there will always be people here to help should you need it. I wish you well and hope you have a successful fade.

  • Gojira_101

    Welcome Jaidubdub:

    I so happy that you have awoke to TTATT, I know exactly how you felt about when you learn TTATT. You definitely go through the dazed and shocked time period. Keep learning and studying. Just be very careful about talking to people or even making comments at meetings. What I've noticed is even though people make comments during meetings the general JW won't even catch it. I know it's hard when you are trying to figure out your exit strategy, but there is no safe way to leave. My family found out my parents and I were inactive (parents are on here too) and all of my family called us apostates and then started telling our friends.. We lost everyone even though we were "inactive." I wish you the best and I'm here if you need me :)

    Welcome to the rest of your life!


  • Tater-T

    welcome and good luck..

  • problemaddict

    Congrats and welcome. We look forward to your contribution here. You are in a really good position personally, to be able to move on with your life with a new point of view, and decided what it is you believe and don't believe without fear. Its pretty awesome isn't it?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome Jdd!

    "They now leave me alone, I guess I am in their 'too hard' basket."

    Indeed. If they can't intimidate you, they become scared of you because they don't have the kind of control over you that they want. It sounds like anything they would try to do to "help" you would just backfire. They'd rather spend time with people that are in awe of their "spiritual grandeousity"

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