25 YEARS of compiled yearbook statistics

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    Very cool chart. Thanks for all that work and sharing it here on JWN.

    On the leavers column what math did you use to arrive at those numbers? (math never being my strong point)

    Who does it include? (df'd, da'd, inactive, died, etc)

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    Hi Pyramid,

    The peak pubs + baptised should become next years peak pubs.

    If next years peak pubs is lower, the difference is due to ppl dying or leaving (df, da, fade). This is the rough calculation I used for Leavers.

    Another point to make is any red or blue figures indicate the figures have gone the wrong way, like partakers going up or memorial attendance going down.


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    What actually does "Avg Bible Studies" represent?

    Thank you!

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    I just did a quick figure from 1990-2012 there was an overall increase in publishers of 3,765,133.

    The total number of hours of "field serve-us" required to attain that increase was 27,636,059,813.

    Return on investment? .00013624 %

    In other words it took 7,340 man hours to get a net increase of ONE publisher above the 1990 avg total of 3,846,311 publishers when you pool the numbers since 1990.

    I find this amusing but sad at the same time as these bastards steal my wife just about every Saturday and for 30+ hours this past March.

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    Average Bible Studies is a figure the Society provides. I guess its how many bible studies were reported in the whole year, divided by 12.

    Now you have worked out there was an increase of 3,765,133, work out how many were baptised during that same period, because that should be the increase.

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    Looking at the numbers and the post-75 bleeding, I am wondering if one of the factors in 1980 to include those who DA in the shunning policy was to control this attrition. This is an organization held together by shunning and fear of shunning (and fear of Armageddon).

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    88JM, this is absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

    Several years ago, I tried the same thing by typing all the stats into a spreadsheet...I quickly restricted myself to just a few countries of interest and stopped doing this after a while. It's a lot of work.

    A suggestion: keeping files like this on file hosting services is a pain. It's also difficult to keep them updated. Have you considered uploading them to something like Github, preferably in a non-closed format? (CSV would be fine)

    This would enable people to help you with corrections and updates, and it's much easier to download stuff from there.

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    Speaking of corrections, something is obviously wrong with the numbers of the Faroe Islands in 2012. Perhaps mixed up with another territory?

  • 88JM

    Thanks mariu - it's a good suggestion - I use Bitbucket and GIT at work, but I just thought it might be a bit technical for people on here (sorry!) and they might not understand what it was. But I'll look into it, and the Faroe Islands too.

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