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  • love_ever_wanting
    love_ever_wanting is a great one, thats where I met my last guy, our relationship lasted well over a year.

    POF is a great place if you want a hook up. But every single person I met on there was a complete nut job, and compleatly full of drama. I beleive you can do self screening on there though, that if someone does not meet your criteria they are not allowed to message you.

  • jgnat

    Good morning, LEW. At least it is morning here. I do enjoy chatting with you. I'll keep those sites in mind if I ever find myself suddenly single again.

    I am going to miss you once you are fully assimilated.

    Besides a healthy view towards dating, what other interests do you have?

  • Mum

    LEW: My main objection to going online to start a relationship is that the people there must be rather desperate. Otherwise, wouldn't they be likely to meet someone in a more conventional way?

    If you want to be a JW and marry a JW, remember that he will be the "head of the household" simply by virtue of anatomy, not because he is wiser or smarter or more knowledgeable than you. I doubt if you will like it. I didn't.

    If you marry and JW and have children, oh my! They won't be allowed to go to their little friends' birthday parties, will stick out like a sore thumb at school because they don't participate in holidays, extracurricular activities, sports, etc. Worst of all, if there were an emergency in which your child required a blood transfusion, you would be expected to let your child die.

    Be very careful. Get pre-marital counseling. Make sure you both agree on what is right and wrong about everything in life.

    Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. I can't say it enough: be careful!

  • love_ever_wanting

    Mum: I love it when you say "I don't think you will like it" Because that is so like me... LOL NO ONE is my head, period. I have no interest in having children. But in medical cases there are blood alternatives, and I will qualify for the specific treatment once I am baptised.

    jgnat: My entire scope of interests revolves soley around, music, videogames, computers/internet, and money. I am going to build a recording studio/gaming desk all in one, and I am going to make my own CDs and sell them, would love to also get paid as a beta tester. I like to play guitar too. I like computers and internet because lots of online money making possibilites, right now I am working on a website to try to make some money online, with many other website ideas in my mind, and of chourse anything to do with money and turning a profit, especailly online. When I start my new job I want to invest in as many of these home business as I can, while eliminating the scams in the process. And I am trying out blogging, which is kind of with my website, but I am trying out marketing methods before putting out content, but I know what I want to write about. My website/Blog ironically enough is about music, videogames and making money online.

    I also like food, cooking and stuff, learning aboud healthy alternatives, and I like make-up and hair. Arts and Crafts on occasion, but when I do, it is mainly colorfull orginal designs on embrotery floss bracelets.

    I also enjoy cuddling and exchanging sweet talk with others.

    BTW sorry I have not been on in a while, I am house sitting and dog sitting for my sister while she is on vacation, I am just getting around to this now.

  • free2beme

    POF is good, but most people are looking for online hook ups and dating is kind of a side affect.

  • love_ever_wanting
  • jgnat

    You sound like a free spirit, LEW. You would fit in with people I know on the west coast. From my experience, there's no limit to creative work on the internet, but it is much harder to get paid for it.

    Check these guys out, for beta testing:

    If you get around to reviewing the baptism questions (more than a hundred I recall), please take care to review them all and consider if you agree with all of them. The hygiene question always gives me a chuckle, and I wonder what scripture they use to justify that? I have an inkling why it is added, and I'll share if you are interested.

    By the way, there is no blood alternative for catastrophic blood loss, say, by accident. Blood alternatives are also inadequate when being treated for leukemia. You don't have to wait until baptism to "qualify" for risky life choices. Say "no blood" and the doctors will comply with your wishes. All the way to death.

  • love_ever_wanting

    Unfortunetly, out here doctors will fight you every step of the way. We had a girl who had a bloodclot that caused her to have similar symptoms to acid reflux, she could not keep anything down throwing up all the time andm when they were in the middle of fixing it she almost died because they kept arguing with her and wanted to pump her full of blood, they said the EPO wasn't going to boot her blood count enough, but they were wrong it did.

    From what I understand they are safer alternatives than blood and alot of research went into this as well.

    I agree there are probably some extreame cases where it might not be enough though.

    Yes I would be interested in seeing these questions and OH, I am DYING to get my hand on the Elders Book, I guess only the elders are allowed to read is, can anyone on here get access to an online copy? I will check out that site.

  • mrsjones5
  • talesin

    From what I understand they are safer alternatives than blood and alot of research went into this as well.

    For decades, western medicine has realized that blood is an 'organ',, and doctors are always seeking to avoid giving them ... the days of getting a transfusion 'willy-nilly' are long over.

    That being said .. the JWS are sacrificing children by denying them blood when needed ... in their lust to prove their zeal ......... disgusting! Children are to be protected and nurtured, not sacrificed to some desert G*d!


    That is NOT a JW view .. I have not discussed this issue with any JW, nor been in a KH, since the late 70s.



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