This weeks study article: God gave us these truths, yet we admit he hasn't actually given us the truth yet-- think about it

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  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Exactly steve2.. and why wouldn't God give his people the correct understanding? Further, how can the Governing Body ever be wrong, if anything they say and their publications are from God? 'No mans opinion is in the Watchtower' and all that.. People publicly 'thank Jehovah' in prayer for providing the latest book/brochure, then years later it's updated with different thoughts/needs revising...

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    At least DATA-DOG gets what I'm saying :)

  • Heaven

    Who can know what truth is, anyway? As in, absolute truth.

    Truth does not change.

    Here is an example. My father has been a JW for over 25 years. Even though he was brainwashed to believe his children were 'worldly' and therefore evil and not good enough, he is now suffering from dementia. I asked him point blank one day during his post-cataract surgery regimen if he wanted his Elder neighbour to help him with this. He told me that he wants me to help him and look after him because I am supportive.

    He is now in a nursing home. He is now wheelchair bound and sleeps a lot. He doesn't understand what Watchtower is saying anymore. But he still recognizes me, knows that I am his daughter, what my name is, and that he loves me. I always make sure to tell him I love him. He says that this is a good thing. Sometimes he tears up. Even though he grows foggy in his mind his inate character is coming through. All the people at the home say he is such a nice man.

    The JW personna has eroded away. His gentle, kind, and loving nature is coming to the for.

    I think the truth in all this is the following:

    - Love transcends the dementia barrier, the cult barrier, and is stronger than any organization.

    - Blood is a bond that NO organization can break - Watchtower can NEVER change the truth that my father is my Father, and that I am his daughter.

    - Learned self-righteous, holier-than-thou, mean-spirited behaviour in a person can change. That personna the Watchtower created in my Father is now gone.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Thanks for sharing that, Heaven. I'm sure that you'll continue to make him happy..

  • steve2

    Thanks for your powerfully moving account heaven: You sound like a loving daughter. How nice to have your father back in your life - but how sad the circumstances are. Blood is thicker than disfellowshipping! I bet the witnesses are no where to be seen; they have more important things to do such as door knocking and meetings...

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