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  • Adam Believed
    Adam Believed

    "Please remember that Elders are not your friends and they are not your family.

    Thanks for the reminder Black Sheep. I view elders as law enforcement. They took an oath and are enforcing laws that the higher ups passed. They are doing their jobs. I think an elder could be my friend and my family! Probably not in reality because they would have to give up follwing the rules which we know won't likely happen or I would have to be completely fake and that's not going to happen. Aren't there many ex-elders on this forum? I'm sure they would have appreciated a friend who could understand them while they were learning TTATT. I try to see people as people to the best of my ability. I don't discriminate againts a person based on their relgion (that's not easy for me). I didn't when I was a dub and I sure as hell won't start now! Until I know someone is hurting another person or until someone crosses me personally, I will give the the benifit of the doubt. I know that the disgusting practices of the org are hurting so many! The shunning, the stance on blood, neutrality, education to mention just a few are destroying people and families and even leading to deaths! But to take it out on one elder seems to put me at odds with my moral duty as a human. It's a slow and somewhat painful process but I feel compelled to treat every witness I come across, including elders, as individuals and let them treat me good or bad based on their own level of belief. Once they treat me bad because of some stupid religions belief... Then F**k em! They are not worth my time.

    Not sure you what mean by "Save your questions for people who are important to you, and then leave them to answer your questions rather than providing your answers for them."



  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I mean, don't waste the time between you realising that you are in a cult and when you out yourself.

    Most of us blow our chance of taking our families out with us by IDing ourselves as the WT's dreaded APOSTATES before we remember all of the warnings that the WT gave our families that will ID us as 'the enemy'/Satan's minions/whatever. Talking to people who are less important than your family members about your doubts about the WT has a huge failure rate if the comments on this forum are anything to go by.

    I would prefer that you learn from our mistakes, rather than your own.

  • jwfacts

    I will run up to them and say Hi, how are you! We miss everyone at the hall. Blows their minds!

    I am sure it does. That is a great approach for a fader.

    I am disfellowshipped but say hi if I see a JW. Some obviously freak out and run. Some say, "I knew you would talk to me." They are used the d/f hiding in shame, or a ranting apostate. To get treated same as they ever were un-nerves some and impresses others.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Oh Adam, you give me such hope! I'm like your wife: trying to get my husband to see the TTATT. I'm making some progress, but like you, he may take some time to digest things.

    Keep up the good work thoughl; your progress is so encouraging. And welcome to the group. If you live in Australia, let's meet up some time.

  • punkofnice

    Welcome Adam&co.

    I was forcibly DA'd for APOSTACY(TM) and it's hilarious seeing the JDubs hide their faces when they see me.

    I wish you well in your fade. Just be aware the eldubs might start lovingly(TM) hounding you close to the Circus Oversneer's visit.

    Here are some dublications I found in my failed misery bag for you......................

  • Gojira_101

    Welcome Adam! I'm so happy to hear you and your wife have joined our little group of Zombie Apostates...we are trying to take over the world you know :) at least we share and don't shun!!!! We are an equal opportunity group of people with a chance for benefits! Today you get the brains, tomorrow you can have the quads.....Sorry I didn't get much sleep last night so I think I'm being funny, but I know I'm probably just coming across as weird.

    My husband and I are very happy we have two more people out of the JW cult!!! Warm welcome to both of you.

    Gojira and Darkside (A.K.A my hubby)

  • Giordano

    Welcome Adam and Sam! This is a good place to check into and unlike the Jws and the hotel can leave if you want to........ with our best wishs and reminder to come back and visit anytime.

  • Slavenomore

    You sound like a straight shooter Adam, welcome aboard, I am also new here and enjoy reading peoples viewpoints and stories. Let us know when the elders get around to investigating you and your lovely wife, as you know they will if they here even a whisper of criticism or for daring to think freely and questioning matters that disturb both of you. I remember one sister that i investigated for the body she had her son sit on santas lap. That was it the hounds smelled blood. There is a boatload of advice on how to do it right and how not to. I wish I had learned about this site before I got involved with my JC but hey...


  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Man you are so fortunate to have woken up together! Many of us still dream of the day when our spouse will wake up. I do, every day. If she wakes up and none of our families or friends do, I'm happy.

    You have a lot to be thankful for. I'm not sure who you should be thankful to.... You know what, thank each other.


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