How can anyone who is truly spiritual-minded attend Bethel and not realize it's all a scam

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  • dog is god
    dog is god

    Many moons ago my then husband and I went to NY and took the tour. We brought along a sister who was very interested in a brother who was king of the chicken coop on the farm. As we toured Bethel they showed us a room that was furnished and my husband said "Couldn't you just move in right now?!?" I said, "Noooooaaaa". Even then still under sick thinking I saw it as pure institutionization. We visited the farm and met the very good looking guy the sister wanted. He told her he was not interested. She cried for two days. I thought it would be cool to take my dad to see how well (Nazi like) the farm was run. How that worst job was working with the pigs. You always smelled like pig methane shit. My dad wasn't a JW but he would have like the big machines, combines etc. It was impressive. Like communist Russia.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    I just updated the list of former Bethelites, their handles anyway.

    The count is up to 93.


  • LongHairGal


    I realize this is a four-year-old thread and you may not be reading this, but I felt sad at the story of you being removed from your room because others were deemed more "worthy" of having it.

    I was never in bethel, but in the years I was a Witness, I had seen this arrogance a few times. What an awful feeling!

    Maybe these (heavies) that got your room are some of the ones let-go from bethel over the last several years and are now out in the "world" working somewhere.

    I would have NO tolerance for these bastards with their arrogance and nothing to back it up! Are they independently wealthy? Who the hell do they think they are?

    Supposedly "true" Christians have no business being as arrogant as certain Witnesses are...Where do these fools get get the notion???

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Phizzy, I would like to answer your question, "how can anyone read extensively on here, JWN, and still be a believing JW?".

    Most of the people on JWN don't want to serve Jehovah, and they are using the shortcomings of JW's as a cop-out. Jehovah will not accept this excuse.

    Were the Hebrews perfect? No. Were the 1rst century Christians perfect? No; and yet both of these groups had Jehovah's favor. So too the JW's today.

    The earthly organization is just the means to an end: to bond with Jehovah and Jesus, forever.

  • wannaexit

    Thank you FatFreek 2005 for that very impressive list. There are no doubt many more. I recognize of few of the Canadian ex bethelites.

  • zeb

    you ex bethelites; please if you cant get together to do this then consider finding a journalist to interview you with the view of putting the story to print.

    peace untoyou.

  • LongHairGal


    Coming here to preach, or to make yourself feel better?...Maybe the cognitive dissonance is getting to you as well.

    You can keep telling yourself that people who come on here are using shortcomings of JWs as a "cop out not to serve Jehovah".

    What is serving Jehovah anyway? Listening to mind-numbing meetings and/or being abused psychologically by mysogynists and other deluded and jealous people? Et cetera.

    I joined the Witness religion because I was interested in end-time prophecy and because I was led to believe they had "no clergy class" and that everybody was equal. What a LIE! They have a plainclothes clergy and a bunch of retarded titles to equal Christendom. I would never have joined this farce. They also hid their past and the scandals and failed prophecies. They are hateful and damaging to women and filled with hypocrites.

    Do you imagine because they took the name of Jehovah and because he has not swooped down to destroy them that they have truth? Well, I believe other religions are right in some way as well. Or, they are all wrong in varying degrees.

    You can keep on believing that this very damaging and corrupt religion has "truth". I'd have to be out of my mind and a masochist to stay there. I'm glad they are being exposed now.

  • azor

    Count me stupid. It took me another 20 years after leaving to wake up to the nonsense.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    In answer to your question I guess it depends on basically what you mean for the term 'spiritual minded' the idea that this is a mind control cult that has power over the definition of words so that the term 'spiritual minded' carries with it the idea of heavily indoctrinated.

    My idea of spiritual minded is probably different than yours. Since I'm a introspective introvert my idea of spiritually minded would be someone like a Zen monk that spends a good portion of his day gazing inward by meditation to gain/on a quest to permanent enlightenment.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    If anyone reading this thread hasn't already done so, I would strongly recommend reading this one: And even though many continued as JWs after their Bethel experience, they were never the same again.

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