Christ in You The Hope of Glory:Being Realized

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  • Viviane
    The bible is a written testimony about Christ and i use that for those who ares tuck in the written word .It is the living word within that gives light and life.Christ in you is the divine nature that is in all

    What, specifically, is divine nature? How can we detect it? What evidence is there for this? How is it different from regular nature?

  • rebel8
  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The concept of "Christ in you" drove Russell's ideas. He believed this meant that the Head (Jesus) and all the body members constituted "The Christ", making them all joint-heirs to everything - from power and authority, through being the Mediator, to having the divine nature.

    For Russell, this meant that the Christ and all that this meant stretched over 1900 years.

    Today, the term "The Christ" has been given its English equivalent of "The Anointed", and there are some alive today who discreetly boast they are one of those.


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