Out with a bang....plus Elders (Gestapo) visit....

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  • TheApostleAK

    Just DA'd myself the other day...announcement tonight.


    Body of Elders
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Tuesday, 26 March 2002

    Dear Brothers,

    In light of the recent "Don't think, don't advocate, don't harbour private ideas" comment in a recent Watchtower article (Aug 1st 2001), this is a quick letter expressing my desire to resign my position as a publisher of the Good News and hence disassociate myself as a member of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    These past six months have been troubling to me, not because of my family situation (its fine) but because of my spiritual situation. Since mid last year I decided to really prayerfully study indepth (Acts 17:11, 1 Thess 5:21, 1 Jn 4:1) a dozen or so cherished, long held beliefs that either didn't quite add up or make sense.

    Usually, if the society taught something that didn't add up or make sense, I would pray to Jehovah for guidance and understanding (Jas 1:5, Dan 2:20-23) and if nothing was forthcoming on the matter I'd just accept it as one of "the deep things of God" (1 Cor 2:10) and take the society's word on the matter on faith and just put the matter to the back of my mind and move on to the next thing, although the nagging would still remain.

    It was with great enthusiasm that six months ago I decided to really put those nagging doubts to rest. That enthusiasm soon turned to disbelief as I found out that several cherished, long held beliefs as taught by the society have no solid basis in the Bible. I have come to the decision that I cannot consciencely teach certain teachings that I firmly believe to be false, misleading, unchristian and ultimately unscriptural.

    I won't go into too much detail here (you probably won't read it anyway - if your even reached here). The teachings I am repudiating mainly have to do with the Organisation, attitudes to the Bible, Christ's mediatorship and the New Covenant, Interpretation of the “Little Flock” and “Other Sheep”, Jeremiahs 70 year prophesy, Dan 1:1 & 2:1, Rev 7:15, The name “Jehovah” in the Greek Scriptures, Shunning and a few other things.

    Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason I am bound by the Scriptures and my conscience is held captive by the word of God. I cannot nor will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe.

    All this deep study over the past 6 months has had a profound effect on my life as the Scriptures have really opened up. God's word now reads to me as a letter from my heavenly Father and portions of Scripture, that I thought (and had been taught) didn't apply to me, now have meaning. My relationship with my dear Father has changed significantly. I thought I had a good relationship and yet I know now that it was but a shadow of the real thing (Rom 8:14-17)

    I would like to make it perfectly clear that just because I am disassociating myself, that I am certainly not (nor ever will) reject God, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, God's word - the Bible or the Christian way of life. Neither have I accepted any of the main orthodox Christian doctrines as I would like to add that 95% of the things that the society has taught I have firm belief in and accept.

    Also, I would like to still continue to receive new Watchtowers and Awakes (or any past issues I need for my collection) as well as any new publications which I will gladly contribute for. I would also like to have a copy of my congregational records as well as a copy of my baptism video.

    Finally, I’d like to express my abhorrence at the society’s former involvement with the U.N. as a non-government organisation. I find it incredible that the Watchtower can join the U.N. yet any “rank & file” publisher who joins would be disfellowshipped for breaking his/her Christian neutrality. I thought the library card excuse was hilarious!

    In light of recent events, the black-white; all-or-nothing policy of the society and counsel such as Apr 1 1986 Pg 31, I sadly and regrettably wish to announce my decision to disassociate myself from the congregation and cease to be a member of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Now doubt you will apply Rom 16:17,18, 1 Cor 5:11 or even 1 Jn 2:19 to me (erroneously, since I am none of the sort - especially the last one). To apply any of these Scriptures to me just reveals how screwed up the society’s teachings are. I truly love the individual members I have met over the last few years but the organisation is, to my mind, corrupt to the core and doctrinally flawed. I may well be shunned by long-time friends, due to the society's man-made rules and erroneous scriptural interpretations, but in truth, Christ is a much greater gain (Eph 1:3-7).




    Apologies to (I think) Little Toe for providing me with some ideas.

    On Sunday the 2 Elders came over for a sheparding visit. It started off ok till I quizzed them on Jer 25:12.....And it went downhill from there.....

    They started the usual "you've been reading Apostate literature", "deceived by Satan" etc (Oddly enuff they didn't see my Ray Franz books on my bookshelf that were in full view.)

    A number of things came out of the Gestapo visit. They told me that I cause sects and divisions by my NON-ATTENDANCE (err, new light?) (I haven't been going to meetings for a while), plus a number of little half lies like Jesus read HEBREW scriptures at the synagogue (it doesn't say so in the Bible) that I only noticed after they left. Also, when I quizzed them on Jer 25:12 they hammered me on the last part of that scripture but they avoided explaining the first part (Seventy years) at all costs. (They also said that the seventy years prophesy has a modern day fulfillment with Babylon the Great..new light? 1919+70=1989???). (When I remember a few other things i'll post them here)

    Towards the end they refered to me as an Anti-Christ (but not straight out) and (get this) said that if any of my family become JW's that they would make (force) my family shun me. They also asked me to apologise for that letter.

    The DA announcement is going to be read at tonights meeting and i'll keep you all informed on any new events.

    P.S. I got the Elders visit on audio tape :)

    From Alan (The Apostle AK).

  • TheApostleAK

    Oh, during the visit they complained that all apostates do is just drag people down but they never build you up.

    Hasn't the WT been doing that to the Catholic Church (plus others) these last 120 years?

    Double standard???

    From AK

  • You Know
    You Know
    The teachings I am repudiating mainly have to do with the Organisation, attitudes to the Bible, Christ's mediatorship and the New Covenant, Interpretation of the “Little Flock” and “Other Sheep”, Jeremiahs 70 year prophesy, Dan 1:1 & 2:1, Rev 7:15, The name “Jehovah” in the Greek Scriptures, Shunning and a few other things.

    TRANSLATION: In short, now that I have begun thinking for myself, I have decided to become a disciple of Ray Franz. LOL / You Know

  • Reborn2002

    I would LOVE to hear that audiotape AK.

    It is invaluable evidence in showing their lack of Christian love.

    "FORCING other family members to shun you?"

    Now THATS priceless.

    The evidence would also show how unaccepting they are to other's beliefs, which is in direct contradiction to the propaganda they tell the general public.

    The elders, who are "appointed" and represent Jah.. and in doing so should undoubtedly EPITOMIZE LOVE, do so by calling you an "Anti-Christ" in so many words simply because you disagreed on doctrine?

    The JW Website for Public Information at


    about halfway down the page states verbatim:

    Jesus said that we should not be judging one another. Humans look at the outward appearance; God looks at the heart. He sees accurately and judges mercifully. God has committed judgment into Jesus' hands, not ours. —Matthew 7:1-5; John 5:22, 27.
    So much for practicing what they preach.


    Congratulations on your DA. You did the right thing. I DA myself about 6 months ago, and I have never felt better.


  • Reborn2002


    Ignore trolls here like Robert aka YouKnow.

    They take pride in wasting valuable space on someone else's thread, when clearly the only purpose he had here in responding was to get his little dig in to feed his own warped reality.

    Undoubtedly the snotty little prick will reply to this post with something sarcastic to say, but his doing so will only support my statement, and make him look like more of an ass than he already is... if that is indeed possible.


  • DanTheMan

    Wow, way to go mate! I wish you happiness in your newfound freedom.

  • artful


    Great letter! I must say that your comments concur with many of my thoughts and experiences over the past 6 months. Thanks for the encouraging words.


  • Rags

    That letter was ....."wow"....i cant find a word to describe it.
    You stated your thoughts..backed up everything with scripture....and made a very clear cut exit. I loved it.
    Peace..and hang in there okay?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    You are now part of the somewhat silent but "growing" majority,
    who sees the wrongs and wants
    "no part of THAT world"!


  • SoulJah

    Makes me wanna go back just so i could copy this letter and hand it to the elders

    One day we'll all be together,until then I'm ready for whatever
    ---Tupac Shakur

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