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  • VeniceIT

    Just when you think your immune to the pain from family members shunning you get a surprise. My sister hasn't talked or communicated with us for nearly 2 years. In November my Mom bought her granddaughter Ashley a beautiful doll. We sent it to them, and they refused this. I remember coming home from work and I knew something was wrong. My parents were so devastated by that rejection, I mean why can't they just keep the doll???

    It's so hard to see your parents that upset, especially by the shunning from my own sister. Well my Mom sent the package again a few weeks ago and I came home today to find it at the door. It made me so angry.

    Angry at my sister, angry at the Borg, and angry at them for the rejection and the way it's going to hurt my parents. I put the box in my room and I REALLY don't wanna tell them, I'd rather they not know, but I guess I have to. HOW can she keep doing this to her own family!

    I thought she couldn't hurt me anymore, I guess I was wrong! And I was in such a good mood too!!! I had a WONDERFUL APOSTAFILLED WEEKEND, and a good, busy day at work. And then I come home to see a lil box on my doorstep and it had the power to knock the wind out of me. It was like my sister was standing there and slapped me across the face. I'm the maddest though at how it's going to effect my mom and dad, I mean they lost a daughter and a granddaughter, why do they have to make it worse!!!!

    Damn them!!!!! Damn them alll!!!!!--Charleton Heston


    "Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching!!!"

  • Francois

    Work like you don't need the money,
    love like you've never been hurt,
    dance like no one is watching,
    and ignore your sister, the heartless little squirt!!!


  • Princess

    Sorry to hear it Ven. I heard about the first try with the doll, can't believe she would do something like this. Have YOU ever tried to call and talk to her. Do you think it might help if you called and said "listen, mom and dad want to give Ashley a doll, can you just put your differences aside so they can give something to their granddaughter?" It's not an apostate doll or anything.

    Now I'm mad too. Sorry she ruined your day Ven, but glad you had such a nice weekend. More fun to come at the big apostacampingfest in July!!


  • ThiChi

    I have seen this over and over again. My heart goes out to you all........Maybe you should not let your parents know and consider the package delayed until you can resend the gift at another time which may present itself (maybe many years from now and to the chid herself) .......

  • Scully


    I'm sorry this is happening to you. It makes me ill to know that this crap still goes on.

    Your sister doesn't seem to be taking the Watctower's Official Website words to heart, when it says that "former members are not shunned". She's a perfect example of the total BS spin-doctoring theocratic war strategists the WTS is.

    I find it laughable that they would treat a pedophile in their congregation better than they would treat you and your parents. It's just sick, twisted, and ugly beyond description.

    Rather than put yourselves through anymore torment, I would just save little things like this doll for your niece, and offer them to her if and when she ever decides to come to you on her own. Save the packaging too, that says REFUSED on the front of it, so she'll know exactly who is responsible for her not being allowed to have you in her life. She may come to a time when your unconditional love and acceptance is what she needs more than the BS sham love that she's got in the cult.

    Love, Scully

  • Jourles

    Sorry to hear about that. I can only imagine your sister looks upon that doll as a Smurf. She probably thinks that the doll will come to life and turn into Chucky and kill her entire family since it came from a wretchedly wicked apostate(we know better). I know that is how my mother would view it. She panics whenever something goes wrong in the house. She immediately goes on a search for anything she has bought recently and throws it out as it could have been handed down from a "demon possessed" person.

    Whacked if you ask me.

  • b_ster

    You can't blame your sister... It's not her fault. She thinks she
    is doing the right thing. :(

  • rebelledat12

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I know what you're going through. My mother is df and my brother refuses to allow her to see his kids. We've solved this by any gifts that my mother wants to give them coming through me, and my mom keeps a journal that she will give to my niece and nephew some day.
    I grew up never knowing my grandfather, the only memory I have of him is when he came to my house when my parents weren't home and told me that he loved me. I never told my parents.
    So take heart, just because your sister wants no contact, doesn't mean that her daughter will want it the same way.

  • Angharad

    Sorry ((((Venice)))

  • JeffT

    Sorry to hear about this. Another example of how this bunch continues to hurt people in the name of God.

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