When Will District Conventions Be Abolished?

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  • AvailableLight

    The thread on cutting back the number of weekly meetings to two got me thinking:

    Do you think the JW organization will continue to hold District Conventions for very long?

    I wonder, how many people *really* feel upbuilt after attending a DC? How many people would rather take a *real* vacation as opposed to sitting in dingy building for 7 or 8 hours a day? Is there anything a DC accomplishes that could not be accomplished at a local KH meeting? Couldn't financial resources be put to far better use by putting an end to all the costs associated with holding DCs and printing "new light" solely in the WT, or communicating any necessary information via letters to the congregations?

    Or, have I wrongly evaluated the situation? Does the WTS actually profit from the DCs through contributions and other potential deals with convention site associates?

  • Francois

    If they make any money at it, forget it.

    If not, it's a distinct possibility.

    No, they were not upbuilding, whatever that means.

    But I got laid at assemblies with a frenetic, frantic certainty that I did not experience anywhere else, even in bad old college. They oughta make a movie and call it "Jehovah's Witness Girls Are Easy."


  • AvailableLight

    Actually when I wrote "upbuilt" I meant it in the way JWs would use it - full of spiritual joy; spiritually refreshed.

    Personally I always felt very upbuilt while saying the final "Amen" on the last day of the DC weekend and knowing it was done and over with.

  • 2SYN

    HEH, Francois, I wish I'd had your mentality (and a car) when I attended Circuit Assemblies...you make them sound like fooking orgies or something, yum!

    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate of Africa - For Great Justice!

  • Jourles

    Haven't you read about the Tacoma parking lot scandal? Venice may be able to provide a bit more information about this. But in a nutshell, the WTS KEPT THE MONEY from collecting contributions for parking that was supposed to go to the city. I believe that they were to not even collect money for parking, but don't hold me to that statement.

  • AvailableLight

    I've read that story, yes. I'm still not sure whether or not whatever money they are able to collect through donations (scandalous or not) puts them in the black. The costs of renting those venues must be massive.

  • Scully

    They have cut back on District Conventions over the years.

    When I first began attending with my parents in the early 70s, they were 5 days long, from Wednesday till Sunday, and started early in the morning and the program didn't finish until late in the evening. Then they scaled it down to four days, now they're only three days with sessions beginning at 9am and finishing at 4:30 or 5pm.

    Back in the days of Cedar Point, etc., the District Conventions were eight and nine days long. Oh the sheer torture!!

    With all the Assembly Halls cropping up in almost every big city, I can see them utilizing these facilities for Disctrict Conventions. Most of them have air conditioning, are already bought and paid for, and have parking on site. District Conventions are a huge expenditure for the WTS, as well as a huge expenditure for people coming from long distances in terms of accommodations etc.

    The only vacations my family was able to afford was the District Convention we were assigned to, plus a couple of weeks' worth of camping.

    With the "waters of Babylon" ($$$) drying up around the WTS, I'd say that the District Conventions, as we knew them, will soon be a thing of the past.

    Love, Scully

  • curlers

    I don't remember Cedar Point but I remember the International Conventions at Yankee Stadium when they still had the polo grounds. They were like 8 days from 9am to maybe 10-11pm. It was horrible. And the lines for the ladies room averaged an hour. I don't keep up with JWs too much but I understand Circuit Assemblies are one day now. The JWs are just crazy. It was so BORING!

  • truthseeker1

    Hey, those conventions ARE upbuilding! they must be. I mean at the meetings after them when people would look through their notes and say I appreciate Bro. so'n'so's talk on this(the only part they were awake) just to sound rightous to the congregation, you could just feel the upbuilding spirit. Everyone said it was a spiritual paradise, so it must have been, right?

    Everyone I know who isn't an elder secretly hates conventions. Elders probably hate them too but don't want to give a bad example and say anything about it. Well, we got one coming up in May so I hope i can get outa it before then.

  • Mum

    It is interesting that they are getting to be shorter. I can't see them going away. After all, even JW's get vacation time from their employers. Should they have all of that unstructured, unplanned time? It could lead to thought.

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