Does the GB really care if the organization collapses?

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  • done4good

    After taking over all property and extra cash from all congregations on the whole planet, which amounts to at the very least US$ 50 billion, they are in a great position if every one leaves, they can just share the cash between themselves.

    That is one of the more absurd ideas that finds its way here every now and again. They cannot do this as a non-profit, it is flatly illegal. They do get away with taking the money from the local congregations however, because that is simply a transfer from one non-profit to another which is legal.


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    You are right they cannot share the cash between themselves, this would be illegal.
    The non-profit organization can be dissolved, but the assets need to be distributed to other non-profit organizations, decided upon by a plan made up by the directors of the organization in this case the GB. So assets are then distributed from one non-profit organization to other non-profit organizations which is legal as you said.
    If the organization does collapse, because members leave, what then?

    What if the organization realize that they may well lose their status as a non-profit organization, they really then need to dissolve the non-profit organization, and distribute the assets.

    Considering their record of dishonesty over the years, and the many child-sex offenses they are having to defend, I am sure they do have an agenda.

    And as you have pointed out, they do go to great lengths to protect the organization, and they will continue to do that as long as possible, but at some point they will have to do something, maybe because they lose too many members, maybe because they fear losing their non-profit status, distributing the assets to other non-profit organizations is not really so absurd.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    The very top echelon does not care. Why would they? Those few are set for what little life is left in them. However, there are many others underneath that better be interested in this real estate and publishing juggernaut. Their mere existence hangs in the balance of this Org making it, talking about all those 'GB helpers' and anyone else with the rank CO and above. Anyone whose sustenance depends on Mommy Org.

    The rest of us have lived in this system, fending for ourselves and if this religion fails, we can sure figure out how to make it financially.


  • Magnum

    LostGeneration: But the GB isn't cash motivated, they are power hungry. As long as they have millions worshipping their every word they just need to keep the ship afloat til they die.

    I was thinking this. Without the org, the GB members would be zeroes, nobodies. They're qualified to be greeters at Walmart and that's about it. In the org, they have great power; they have great status. They are bigshots. They are virtually worshipped.

    While I think they do enjoy money (I'm sure they get a lot of green handshakes), I believe they enjoy prestige, position, and power even more.

  • kairos

    It has to be an act at the top.
    This madness cannot really be believed?

    It gets hard to focus clearly on the fuzzy Wednesday afternoon and the like secrecy

  • Vidiot

    kairos - "It has to be an act at the top. This madness cannot really be believed?"

    There's been an absolute shit-ton of discussion on that very subject over the years, here.

    You'd think they were all cynical manipulators at the top, but there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that the GB is actually comprised of honest-to-God True Believers.

    Some of us have come to suspect that they know it's wrong, but believe it's true at the same time.

  • notsurewheretogo
    Read Don Cameron's Captives to a Concept brilliantly explains why the GB are "all in" and they firmly believe they are chosen...and no evidence to oppose that view matters.
  • Vidiot

    notsurewheretogo - "...they firmly believe they are chosen...and no evidence to oppose that view matters."

    As I've said before, that's an easy habit to fall into when you surround yourself solely with people who are never allowed to disagree with you.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Some of us have come to suspect that they know it's wrong, but believe it's true at the same time.

    That is the best explanation yet!

    It applies to everything the members do.

    They know shunning their loved one is wrong, but believe it's true at the same time.

    They know letting their children, husband, and wife die for refusing a blood transfusion is wrong, but believe it's true at the same time

  • Crazyguy
    The GB are figure heads and I believe have nothing to do with the money side of things. Thier are corporate officers that control this and if they could take the money and real-estate and run some would but I bet most are still delusional believers. Others though have to see and be part of the corruption.

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