Why Did You Get Baptised

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  • NewYork44M

    I was baptized when I was 14 in 1971. I thought it was the right thing to do. It was my desire to serve god as we aere so near the end of this wicked system. It took me half of my adult life to remove those thoughts from my system.

  • eyesropen323

    Because I liked this one brother when I was younger.


    Baptism offered extra stamps on my card which had to be full in order to survive Armageddon and get into the new world.

    With so little time left the six-fold stamps on offer for this act of devotion were irresistable.

  • jam

    The majority of the adults (couples) that got baptised in

    the late 60,s and 70,s their marriage was on shaky grounds.

    Many it was a last effort to save their marriage.

  • lostinnj83

    I was 11! What did I know??

  • Emery

    Peer pressure, friends were all baptized, elder's wanted to use me, I was unofficially dating a witness girl who was a pioneer, and I was next inline in my family. I was baptized on November 30, 2003 at the age of 17. I had no knowledge about its history, false prophecies, Pyramidology, 586 vs 607, generation teaching, UN involvement, 1919, what Jesus approved of in 1919, (insert negative fact here).

    I was scammed in the worst way, my intellectual and spiritual integrity robbed through fear and information control.

  • Glander

    I was eleven.

    It was a hot day

    the water looked cool

    what could I say?

    my mother told me too.

  • JWOP

    I was a born-in, the eighth of nine kids, and 17 years old. A district convention was in the near future, and the pressure was on: "Are you getting baptized at the convention?" "Why aren't you baptized yet?" "Your brother was baptized when he was 12, what's taking you so long?" I was getting it from elders' wives, friends' mothers, and my own mom started it too.

    What they DIDN'T know was that I had a secret worldly boyfriend who I was sexually active with, and I wasn't willing to give him up. I also didn't understand the convulted explanations of prophecies -- even though I knew the expected answers to the questions. (Just because you know e=mc2 doesn't mean you know WHY "e" equals mc squared!). But, since I did still believe in the JW doctrine at the time, and I was tired of fielding the incessant questions, I did it just to shut everyone up.

  • Xanthippe

    The big kids made me do it

  • QueenWitch

    I was 17 and a teen mom. Wanted to prove that I wasn't so bad after the KH basically DF'd me when I was a "publisher". I wanted to be accepted again.

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