Why Did You Get Baptised

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  • God_Delusion

    Hi guys,

    So then, why did you get dunked? Were you pressured into it too, or did you do it because you honestly thought it was the right thing to do?

    Here's my experience - http://www.jehovahswitnessblog.com/baptism/why-were-you-baptised

    PS. If any of you ever visited Bowes Road Assembly Hall in North London, England, you might relate somewhat with the article


  • zeb

    I didnt like the public spectacle.

    and some guy came into the change rooms and asked "anyone getting baptised for the second time?". Many years ago i was baptised in an another church so i said "yes". another bro indicated yes. The visitor mumbled something to himself counted our number (God they love numbers!) and left. ?

    Years later i saw to my dismay a little girl baptised. She was 8 or 9. I knew that wasnt right.

  • GoneAwol

    So i could date my now wifey! Shes 3 years older than me, and i was only 16 when we started "going on the doors together". Which is a euphemism for secret snogs in the park....

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I was 15, had experienced a crappy childhood and the cult made me think I'd be happier if I was a true JW. I was dunked at Crystal Palace, London

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I knew that Rutherford had made an ass out of himself with the Ancient Worthies return in 1925 and that some of the reasons my Dad gave me to prove the WT were god's channel actually proved the opposite. Combine that with not loving a god that wanted to kill me and the knowledge that Dad's church treated baptised members like crap if they ever wanted 'out' and that was enough to stop me getting baptised.

    Baptism was the best mistake I never made

  • Dazeds Better Half
    Dazeds Better Half

    I wanted to date my hubby who was already baptised. Plus my younger sister was getting dunked, so I felt I had to. I was 17.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I was told to do so by my Dad.

    What he said went. End of story.


  • free and happy
    free and happy

    I was dunked when I was 16 at Hartlepool because I thought it was the right thing to do and all my friends at the time were getting baptised at the same time.

    My nan who has never been a jw begged me not to and to take a year out of the religion to see the world which led to her falling out with my mum for a few months but when your born in and told everyday the world is an evil place, I told her I was happy and it was what I wanted and I probably was happy as I didn't know any different, I met my lovely husband (GONE AWOL) and I have a lovely family which are even happier now that we are out.

  • MrFreeze

    Baptised when I was 13. I wanted to wait but some sister said "Why wait?" Of course, at that time I was a true believer. Wasn't old enough to buy cigarettes or even drive but somehow old enough to make a lifetime commitment to an organization.

    Looking back on it I wish I hadn't been homeschooled through high school and that I never got baptised. If I was in high school and not baptised, I probably would have never gotten baptised.

  • hoser

    because the generation of 1914 is getting really, really old and armageddon will come any day now!

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