Elders' Password For JW.Org

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  • tijkmo

    does anyone know anything about this ..i heard from family that all letters and latest arrangements are accessible to elders on jw.org but they need to have a password

    wondered if anyelders here could give us it...or will it identify someone?

  • Sheep2slaughter

    The password is traceable but that doesn't really matter. They wouldn't care what docs he is downloading. However, if a password and log in were posted here that user would generate potentially millions of logins and that would set of red flags. We already have everything on there available without compremising ones self.

  • OnTheWayOut

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  • sir82

    Each elder's password is different, obviously. They also have unique user names.

    And you heard correctly - BOE letters are no longer sent in the mail, they are just posted online.

  • pixel


    What do you mean the password is traceable?

  • notjustyet

    I think that she means that the WTBTS could record which documents were being downloaded by user "x" if they wanted to record that for later review.

    Also they can see if user "x" has logged in 379 times in the last week, where the average user logs in 1 time a week so that would set off a flag that this users account info has been stolen, shared etc.

    I would think also that they could see what Ip address is being used to log into the site so if the user account is being logged in from all over the world it could set off a flag.

    On another note, I believe it is possible for the WTBTS to record the page that a user left just before landing on their site. And if that person log into the site they would be able to link up , for instance, Elder Lurker leaves jwfacts.com and then next logs into jw.org and logs in. I beleive they would be able to put 2 and 2 together and see that Elder Lurker has been checking out Paul Grundys site.

    Even if you do not log into the site, I would think that EVEN visiting JW.org just after leaving any apostate site, even without logging into their site would show that "someone" from Huntsville AL area (IPinfo) left Jehovahswitnessrecovery.com and then landed on JW.org and went to page x, page y, page z etc,..

    They could see the exact page you left and also your history on their site. This info could be sent to the local body of elders to possibly unt a person down.

    Not to scare anyone from lurking, just make sure that you visit a non apostate site just prior to landing on their site.

    Any techies that can confirm or deny this info, I could be wrong about some if not all of it as I have just gleaned this info over the years and am in no way an expert.


  • pixel

    Oh wow. Thanks for the info NJY. How about using a combination of different browser?

  • RubaDub
    Not to scare anyone from lurking, just make sure that you visit a non apostate site just prior to landing on their site.

    You shouldn't go to ANY site prior to visiting JW dot ORG. Personally, I would download another browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox or something I wasn't already using) and use that exclusively for JW dot ORG and other "nice" places like news sites (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) that would be typical for the average Dub to use.

    Rub a Dub

  • 88JM

    Whoa whoa hang on. I think this needs clarifying as this statement could be misunderstood:

    " ...it is possible for the WTBTS to record the page that a user left just before landing on their site "

    The problem is with the phrase "just left", and whether your visit can be recorded or not depends on how you left the previous site. The key phrase here to remember here is "referring links".


    1. If you visit one site then
    2. Type the address of another site in the address bar of your browser then
    3. The second site cannot tell what the previous site you visited was.

    A website cannot read your entire browsing history of other sites (assuming you are using an up-to-date and secure browser).

    However, what a website can do is read referring links, i.e.:

    1. You click on a direct link to a jw.org on another website, e.g. jwfacts.com or whatever
    2. jw.org can then determine that you were referred to their site by a link from another website, and yes - does also log the IP address of your computer - this is standard practice.
    3. jw.org cannot tell what other pages on the previous site you visited, only the page that contained the link to jw.org.

    If you wish to read further on what data is collected, Google Analytcs has comprehensive information: https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsTrackingOverview

  • Lore

    Here's what matters if you are an elder and secret apostate:

    Your password is unique.

    If you are Jason Jamerson. When you log into the JW.ORG website and use your password. They know that Jason Jamerson just logged in. They know your IP address.

    They also can tell what website you JUST came from immediately prior to visiting jw.org. Via a link like 88 just said.

    So if they see that IP address just came from www.jws-are-evil.com and then ip address just logged in as Jason Jamerson. Then they can potentionally put 2 and 2 together and realize that Jason Jamerson was visiting www.jws-are-evil.com.

    So if you are an elder and you are going to log into the jw.org website. Be careful what website you just came from.

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