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  • Gopher

    The last meeting I attended was at a hall other than my own in the Twin Cities, because I was giving the JW's one last chance. A well-respected longtime elder from Minneapolis was giving a Sunday public talk, during which he ticked off a long list of unorthodox beliefs of JW's including 1914 - and said before each one in a semi-sanctimonious voice "and we believe....". I was still not mentally free at this point, but this helped steer me away from the organization.

    Oh and then the Watchtower study -- what a snoozer! Hardly anyone was raising their hand, the old brother leading the study was droning on and on, it seemed half the audience was asleep (as I was watching from the back of the room).

    This was a fitting end to my long career of Kingdom Hall attendance.

  • minimus

    Everything still looks Greek to me!

  • iclone

    Ding...Does your wife understand your feelings?


    I went because the child of one of our friends gave his first talk. I decided to go to for moral support. It became abundantly clear why I stopped going.

    I told my wife that I feel so sorry for her that she has to endure this week in and week out-poor girl, I wished I could do more to help her.

  • whathappened

    I havent been in over 2 years, sounds like nothing has changed, perhaps it has gotten worse.

  • El_Guapo

    iclone you have a pm!

  • SkyGreen

    My husband laughs at the incredulous faces i make on the rare occasion i attend a meeting with him. Sometimes I cant stop myself whispering sarcastic comments in his ear, so its better i dont go!

    He jokes "get behind me foul apostate spawn of satan", i hiss "its all liesssss"

    All joking aside, Ive decided to keep my comments to myself unless he brings it up - I dont want to tear down his faith in this org. He is quite capable of doing it himself! lol

  • gma-tired2

    Maybe I should change my name to vile disgusting creature

  • scary21

    You must really love your wife to go though that torture.

  • wannaexit

    Iclone:that was funny. You have a nice way of writing. I'm reading it to my hubby as soon as he finishes buttering his toast

  • smiddy

    That was funny

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