I've Come To Realize That "Facts" Don't Mean Much If A Person Refuses To Accept Them

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  • AGuest

    [Well, looky here! You CAN have a fairly decent conversation without attacking someone and/or their faith! I am SO proud of you! Really, I am! I was truly of the thinking that such was beyond you. I am glad to see that it's not. So, okay, let's get to it!]

    You know, I've converted to free-rage organic hen and duck eggs from a local source as opposed to commercially produced eggs. they are MUCH better! In addition to the taste, the fats in the yolk promote a healthy and youthful skin. I recommend them.

    I am SO glad to hear that, truly! I don't care for duck/duck eggs much, myself... and I'm having trouble eating eggs these days (they taste like rubber to me most of the time) but I do love a good free-range hen. When I DO eat them, I only use jumbo free-range, brown eggs. Saute in a little budda - I can get a little of those down.

    I also recently purchased a 3.5 season tent from Tarptent. Well put together, goes up and down in a jiffy, the double wall design and large vestibule comes in handy when storing gear or when you need to cook out of the rain. I don't know if you do any hiking or backpacking, if you do, I recommend it.

    I DO hike actually... well, walk in wooded/wilderness areas. I would love to hike but don't know anyone that does... and wouldn't really attempt it without hubby (he's my bud; can't leave him behind). I love camping, too, but haven't done it in years. Even when we went to Tahoe last year we stayed in a lovely little motel (it really was lovely, as was our time in Tahoe).

    Finally, the Trangia alcohol stoves are a winner in my book. Trailcooking.com has some great one pot recipes to try. By using a pot cozy (I made one out of a windshield heat deflector and some duct tape for $6) you can conserve fuel and cook a meal for two people in about 20 minutes using only 1.5 ounces of fuel, depending on outside temps, water temps and so forth. I made a windscreen for it out of carbon felt and it works great. I have the Trangia model 25-8 in anodized aluminium and the Mini single person model. Great stoves. If, though, you are going to be cooking about 9000 feet you might want to look at a Jetboil, though.

    That's pretty impressive. A guy like you could hang out in the rough for quite some time with that kind of skill. Me? I camp more like a "girl": Coleman double burner... eggs, bacon, potatoes with onions for breakfast. Enough to feed 6-10... Nice vegetable stir fry for dinner/supper... or some cold fried chicken that I prepared and froze before leaving... Bush's beans. And while we would go a little bit up, about 3,000-4,000 feet was the limit. Not really a mountain climber, myself. I get nervous as trees get thicker. I have a bit of a problem with jungles. Well, if you call the mall a jungle... which I do!

    Anyway, I have a heavy travel week for work and things to do. Have a pleasant day.

    Ah, I'm sorry about that! I actually have a pretty laid-back week planned. Working on a couple/few business projects but nothing that requires me to get out of my pajamas before, say, 11am. I do have another pleasant days, planned though: getting together with lots of family to celebrate grand-nephew's 4th B-day! Anticipate lots of sun, great food, good people... so, yeah, I'm good there. How 'bout you? How's your weekend going?

    P.S. As I said, your attempts at childish insults are sad. You would think a woman of your age would know how to conduct herself better.

    And then... this. And I had SUCH high hopes for you... really, I did; you were doing SO well! Of course, I'm not surprised. As I've stated, you simply cannot help yourself. You are being your TRUE self, which you have NO choice but to be. As other men of your ilk are. You know, men who are "lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God." And so on and so on...

    You, though, would be surprised at how many women... and men... of my age conduct themselves. Even so, I haven't lied to you and tried to make you... or others... think I am a kind of woman ("nice")... that I am not. Indeed, I have been quite honest and forthright regarding that matter. So your expectation that I would be different in on you.

    If you have actual, real things to debate rather than simply trying to get my attention, please do come back.

    LOLOLOLOL! I'm not trying to get your attention, chile'. I am only affording you the same disdain that you afford me. I am simply doing "unto" you... and you obviously WANT to be done "unto." Because it's how you do unto me. I tried respectful with you... many, many... many times... because that is what I wish from others. YOU did not want that. So, I am only giving you what you repeatedly communicate to ME that you wish to RECEIVE from me. And now, you're whining about that. Of course. You can speak to others any way YOU wish... with all kinds of snark and disdain... but when someone speaks to YOU in the same way... you get all offended? Where's that thick skin you call for others to display when you're attacking them? The list above didn't include the word... but I did state "and so on and so on..." so right about here is where you would put it.

    Now, GO: HAVE yourself that pleasant and lovely day... and stop with all of the "AGuest doesn't get to post here without me responding/commenting with some kind of snark because I have made it my mission to stamp her out" ness. Else you risk getting back some of what you put out there.

    A doulos of Christ,


  • EntirelyPossible

    Hmmm... the first sentence was an insult. I ignored the rest. Come back when you can act like an adult. Despite you attempts to get my attention, I will not be drawn into whatever pointless argument you are trying to start by attempting to insult me. I will not respond as long as you continue to act this way on this thread. You aren't worth my time.

    Note that I say "attempting" because you are literally incapable of insulting me.

  • MrFreeze

    I think a big problem comes with misinterpreting facts and using them in a flawed argument.

  • Tater-T

    I've Come To Realize That "OP'S" Don't Mean Much If A Person Refuses To DISCUSSE Them

    once again a thread is highjacked .. by the same personal experience spamer..

    anyone notice my "how belief systems work" it pretty much answers the OP..

  • EntirelyPossible

    Yeah, let's get this back on topic. Here's a question, outside of the JW/religion/etc., what is the biggest belief anyone has had to change?

  • tec

    The thread took the course of the comments and questions directed to people posting within it; as is often the case. Just pointing that out before some start pointing fingers.



  • EntirelyPossible

    I'm not responding after this because I want to get the thread back on track, but predictably you leap to Aguests defense despite her constant insults. How sad, both her insults and your continual, constant defense of her mud-slinging.

    OK, done, let's get the thread back on track.

  • tec

    You should read again. I spoke against pointing the finger at one particular person regarding the 'derailing', that people should take another look before leaping to a conclusion. You are at least as much responsible as Aguest for said 'derailment'.

    So do save your unwarranted personal rebuke for me. You kinda jumped the gun on that one.



  • GromitSK

    I guess part of the problem raised by the OP might be how we determine (assuming we have the same definition of what a fact is) whether a piece of information fits the definition. If I consider something to be a fact, I should be able to explain why I think that's the case. It could be through direct knowledge or experience, it could be because someone I trust told me it is so. There is nothing in this rationale that necessarily means you must accept my rationale. You may not have the same experience as me on the same matter, you may not trust my word or judgement. So something can be a fact for me, but not a fact for you, perhaps because you don't have enough information to establish it.

    Sometimes exactly the same piece of information may be a fact for one person and represent a different fact for another. For example, I think my favourite t-shirt is maroon, my partner insists it is brown. I am certain I am correct, but am I? Of course sometimes whether a thing is a fact is subject to our judgement.

    it could be that a person does not accept our facts for a number of reasons I can think of:

    1 We're wrong and they know more;

    2 They don't accept our assessment;

    3 They don't trust our judgement;

    4 They don't have all the information we do;

    5 They don't trust some of the information we consider reliable and have used to establish a fact;

    6 They believe they have already established the fact and are not prepared to consider an alternative view.

    There are probably loads more reasons why a person would reject something we are convinced is a cast-iron fact.

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