Coca Cola Death? Should i sell my KO stock?

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  • skeeter1

    Coroner Says Coca-Cola Addiction Responsible for Woman’s Death

    Neetzan Zimmerman

    When 30-year-old Natasha Harris of Invercargill, New Zealand, died of a heart attack three years ago, her family suspected the cause of death was linked to her extreme fondness for Coca-Cola.

    Drinking as much as 10 litres (2.5 gallons) a day left the mother of eight with myriad health problems, including cardiac arrhythmia, rotten teeth, and a full-blown addiction.

    "(She would) go crazy if she ran out... she would get the shakes, withdrawal symptoms, be angry, on edge and snappy," Harris's mother-in-law said last year.

    Harris's husband, Christopher Hodgkinson, recalled how his wife's health quickly deteriorated in the months prior to her death. "She had no energy and was feeling sick all the time ... She would get up and vomit in the morning," he said.

    Coca-Cola has persistently maintained that, despite her daily consumption of twice the recommended caffeine intake and over 11 times the acceptable amount of sugar, Harris's death could not be definitively linked to her Coke habit.

    But a coroner report released today claims to have done just that.

    Wrote coroner David Crerar: "I find that, when all of the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died."

    Coca-Cola, however, continues to stand by its initial claim:

    The Coroner acknowledged that he could not be certain what caused Ms Harris' heart attack. Therefore we are disappointed that the Coroner has chosen to focus on the combination of Ms Harris' excessive consumption of Coca-Cola, together with other health and lifestyle factors, as the probable cause of her death. This is contrary to the evidence that showed the experts could not agree on the most likely cause.

    While Crerar agrees that Coca-Cola should not be held responsible "for the health of consumers who drink unhealthy quantities of the product," he does suggest in his report that Coca-Cola consider adding labels to its drinks warning consumers against the hazards of excessive consumption.

  • skeeter1

    You can't fix stupid.

    I think one can also die by drinking too much water. Water should have a warning label on it.

  • happy@last
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    In the BBC report on this the coroner said the following:

    "The fact she had her teeth extracted several years before her death because of what her family believed was Coke-induced tooth decay, and the fact that one or more of her children were born without enamel on their teeth, should have been treated by her, and by her family, as a warning," TVNZquotes his statement as saying.

    True addiction - awful story

  • wasblind

    I think these companies tread lines of legalities

    when it come to sellin' their products. Some things are qiute


    A couple of months ago, A robber broke into a convenience store

    and stole a bunch of Headache powders

    IMHO, an advertisement gets your attention , the product itself contains the " HOOK "

    how else would they move this stuff off the shelves

    Tolerance levels ain't the same for everyone


  • cantleave

    If consume too much of anything it won't be good for you!

    It isn't Coca-Cola's faulyt that she was so damn stupid!

  • straightshooter

    She should have gradually cut back on her use. I knew of one who drank only soda and got sick. The doctor told him to not drink only soda. So he switched to drinking only milk for months and broke out in rashes all over his body. The doctor finally had to tell him to drink mainly water and that solved his problems. It is amazing what water can do for the body.

  • skeeter1

    Today's investing news: "Coca-Cola Co. shares were the Dow's worst performer, down 1.4% at $37.05"

    Perhaps it's a good time to buy? If minimum wage goes up to $9, then the kids will have more money for soda? Is that logical thinking?

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Monster Beverages went through this same type of scare four months ago. The FDA was worrying about all the cases of youngies heading to the ER all amped up on Monsters.

    The same thing happened with Mao Wong, the great herb we used to motivate us to box, wrestle and lift weights longer because of the effects of energy. I will not sell me KO stock, so don't worry about this and the idiots who do crazy things we read about!

    The Movie "Super Size Me" caused Mac Donalds problems for some time, he was able to get them to elimate their "Super sized portions". Who says you can't make society change?

  • vivalavida

    I agree that the sugar in Coke, specially the fructose can and does wrec havoc with the whole body, because we are not designed to handle the amounts of sugar that we "normally" force into our bodies.

    But drinking it until it kills you is utterly stupid. It was her own fault. Even water can kill you if you drink too much.


  • LouBelle

    oh my word, no Coca Cola is not responsible for her death, she is. She drank too much of the juice, she should have drunk it in moderation.

    Adults can and know how to read a damn label, come on man, people can't have gotten that stupid.

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