The Pope has resigned,

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  • prologos

    he does not look like a decisive man, his mouth is not that of a leader, he looks like he wears eye shadow. how about that shoe story some time back.

    blue brother: more to this story? you are right. a one in a 700 year event, not caused by what happens everyday as a matter of course somewhere in public religions.

  • designs

    Bets are that the next Pope will be from one of the emerging continents- South America, Africa, Asia and those Cardinals are traditionalists.

  • Finkelstein

    The latest statement from the Vatican is that off the record the Pope has privately stated that being the Pope for God is just simply boring

    and not a lot of fun, so now he's going to be the Pope for Satan the Devil.

    He says bring on the booze and babes and lets party.

    He also asked if Pamela Anderson is still single ???

  • Sulla

    Stay classy, JWN.

  • cofty
    Stay classy, JWN.

    The irony.

  • Pterist

    I belive Father Ted from Ireland is in the running for his replacement.

    Sorry hyper link icon here, is never active in my iPad, Copy and paste is worth the laught !

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Time for a woman pope.

    Less power and less money, but what the hell Oprah's game.

  • wannaexit

    I heard that he wants to spend more time reading and praying

  • designs

    The Last Train to Clarksville.....

  • designs

    Sulla- what are your thoughts on the Pope's resignation.

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