How the new light on the domestics may backfire on the Watchtower Society

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  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The new light is a bit of give and take by the GB. They have taken upon themselves the title of the faithful and discreet slave, in exchange for pushing the 'appointment over all of his [christ's] belongings' out into the future, and also in exchange for allowing the earthly class to be counted as 'domestics'. The GB can now totally lord it as kings over the flock in exchange for having "dignified" them by including them as domestics. No wonder the GB member said that they "love this idea"! Very clever of them.

    What may backfire for the GB though is a realisation by a growing number of JW's that although they are now included in the 'domestics', should they not also now be included in the 'new covenant'? This could lead to more JW's partaking at the memorial than ever before.

    Its rather obvious in scripture that the new covenant is only about forgiveness of sins by Christ's shed blood, its really nothing to do with destination, whether your hope is to live forever in heaven or earth. "For there are a new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness is to dwell". They are all equally righteous in God's eyes, so they should all be counted as in the new covenant. All Christians in scripture partook of the emblems and were in the new covenant. Only through Judge Rutherford's mysticism was this scriptural truth changed in the 1930's.

    The "great crowd" are said to be standing in the naos itself in Revelation 7, the inner temple, which the Society now admits. And they are dressed in white robes, having been washed of their sins in the blood of the lamb. All of this must surely mean that the future great crowd are also in the new covenant. They could not possibly be in such a holy state before God unless they are in the new covenant. How can they possibly avoid Adamic death and pass through the great tribulation unless they are in the new covenant?

    By including the 'other sheep' as domestics in Christ's household, the Society should really should take the next step and admit that those of an earthly class, who have also put their faith in Christ's shed blood for forgiveness of their sins, are also in the new covenant and can partake at the memorial.

    What this means is that the number of partakers may increase even more in years to come, not drop off as the GB would hope. More of the 'other sheep' will feel worthy of partaking now that they are counted as one of the 'domestics' in the master's household, despite feeling they do not have a 'heavenly hope'.

    If I am right on that, what this may all be leading up to eventually is further 'new light' that the 'other sheep' can partake of the emblems at the memorial as well, also being counted as in the new covenant.

  • Listener

    You make some very valid points.

    I wonder if such a change would make many JWs realize that the GB were the ones who instructed them to reject Jesus at the memorial, surely they could never trust them again.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Jesus is not the Mediator of all men. He is only the Mediator of the 12K anointed that are alive on earth.

    But only 8 dudes in Brooklyn are the Faithful & Discreet Slave. So technically, they are the only mediator between Jesus and the 12K anointed dubs around the globe.

    Wait... I'm confused... I'll come back to this later...

  • Phizzy

    Good thread, if you are right, and I think you could well be, then they are craftier than I thought. But as their Doctrine is Market driven, I can see great advantage for the possibility of new recruits.

    Many who come from a Christian background must be repelled when they attend their first JW Memorial and realise this religion does not allow them Communion with the Saviour they love.

    Is that why many attend just the once ?

    They have an urgent need for new donating recruits in the richer countries, going more main stream, seeming less peculiar, may help in this regard.

    Let us wait and watch, and laugh, if you "heard it here first, on JWN !" as with so many of their moves.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    You don't really believe that the majority of JW's think at this level do you?

    Next time you meet a JW ask them to explain what naos means.

    The GB tells them they do not partake so they just pass the plate and glass to the next person. End of story.


  • joyfulfader

    The average jw has no problem with the fds=gb because according to some its always been that way and this clarification makes perfect sense and is food at the proper time. Jw's do not question. period. Their minds cannot pull out of the gravitational pull of the wbts. i dont see much coming of this "new light". maybe some minor dissention that will be swiftly dealt with. and a few more members on this site.

  • 2+2=5

    While you make a good point, George has it right I believe.

    We don't partake because why? Because the scriptures say not to?

    No, we don't partake because the GB tells us not to, and that is all that matters when it all boils down. And if anyone has any doubts about the teaching, they can just look up some WT references. There. Problem solved.

  • lovelylil

    I have said that for a while now too. and agree with everyone here The partaking needs to be opened all to all very soon because that is the only way they have a chance of keeping old members who must be very disgusted by now that the paradise is not here yet. and the only way to bring in new converts from other churches who would NEVER bother with a church they cannot partake at.

    The WT is laying the ground work for this to happen in the near future imo.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The "new light" seems to me to be more about the demotion of the non-GB partakers than it is about the elevation of the Great Crowd to the status of domestics. This should finally disabuse the "anointed" partakers of any lingering notion that they have prerogatives or rights to be consulted on matters of doctrine, "new Light" or policy.

  • designs

    yadda- They are counting on the Rank and File to not connect the dots.

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