Going to the Memorial Tonight? Whose Partaking?

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  • rhett

    Not invited, not going, not partaking. I feel absolutely no need or desire to do anything involving the bible or anything else like that. I do celebrate Christmas though as its just fun giving and getting presents.

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    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • Ranchette


    The scripture in Revelation (chap7 I think) that mentions the 144,000 the one that the Jws use for this teaching is a good place to start.

    If you look at that chapter you will see that the witnesses take the first four verses of the chapter and say it is completly literal.
    Then they go on to say that the rest of the chapter is symbolic only.

    They have no right to take such liberties with what they claim to be God's word.

    That chapter is either completly literal or completly symbolic!

    Edited because I forgot to mention that most people come to the conclusion that this chapter is symbolic when reading the context of the Greek scriptures.



    I'm going, out of love for my wife and my mother. My wife knows I'm not into it,my mother does not have a clue. Afterwards were are going out for dinner. I won't drink wine but I'll have a couple of shots of JD.



  • artful


    Check out the threads I posted above on the 'new covenant' which the JWs claim only 8,700 are part of. There is some very good reasoning there.

    Drink up!

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    No I am not going, several people have asked me over the last few days, I told them I thought it was pointless going just once a year, so I guess now they'll realise I'm not coming back.
    Hello Dawn, yes I noticed the date discrepancy, what's that all about, more creepy stuff?
    lv4fer, some one on this board mentioned John 6:50-60. Also this is my own thought so it,s a bit wobbly, but if the new covenant was just for k144, then the new commandment was also, as they were at the same time same occasion,John chapter 13.And in Luke 22:19,20 what does Jesus sat to keep doing in remembrance of Him? not passing away the cup and the bread.Hope that helps.

  • RR

    We celebrated on Tuesday night, Wednesday was Passover for the Jews, however, I obligated to observed Jerusalem time which would make it Tuesday since they are ahead of us.

  • apostate man
    apostate man

    I have a question on this. The annointed ones only partake, right? How do they know who is annointed and who is not?

  • JBean

    They don't know. That's the kicker! People are kind of "on their honor" with this one!

  • collegegirl

    I am going... My best friend dared me to spill the wine, but I am not that gutsy, although it would be the story of the year! I am looking forward to the ice cream afterwards...

  • zev

    i will NOT be attending for the first time in close to 40 years.

    i think i'll do some REAL bible reading instead.

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