That sweet, tingling feeling...

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    You get to make friends based on actually liking people, having something in common, not just having to be friends because your roughly the same age & in the same congregation.

  • MsGrowingGirl20
  • LouBelle

    oh man I resonate with this topic. Totally totally agree. I had some very bad depressing months last year, but I was still free and I could be honest about how shit I was and didn't have to pretend all was bright and that Jehovah had me in his caring hands.

    Being free is so very sweet and tingly. Man life is good when you embrace that.

  • MsGrowingGirl20

    Yes...that is it exactly. no matter hw hard life is.

  • rebel8

    So true, and a good reminder.

    When I remember that I get, just for a moment, that feeling of thrill, wonderment, excitement for the possibilities ahead.

  • flipper

    I love the title of your thread because that is how I've felt most every day the last 9 years since I stopped attending meetings ! Sweet, tingling feeling. Freedom of mind is a wonderful thing ! I'm glad you have your freedom too my friend. Very well expressed. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • Steve_C

    MsGrowingGirl20, I love what you wrote! Sometimes it's difficult to explain to non-JWs what it's like to finally escape; now I can show them your words because they reflect my feelings wonderfully

  • RosePetal

    'My worth is not measured by a number on a piece of paper.'

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