Do's and Dont's on debating JWs online

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  • Apognophos
    On another note, I watch quite a few of the Videos on Youtube and many of them start off by stating something to the effect of " If you are a current Jehovahs witness you should not be watching this video, please turn it off now.

    I suspect that's a clumsy attempt at reverse psychology.

  • erbie

    This is a valid point but I have also read posts on youtube by persons who are obviously still active JW's which were also quite aggressively written. I have to say that the person who wrote it came accross as being quite stupid. I'd like to think they were just naive but no, it was more than that.

    As for 1975, well...actually, yes, it is still relevant because it is an intrinsic part of Watchtower history and as such is vital in assessing their credibility in their claim as being God's mouthpiece.

    After all, does the Watchtower not keep harping on about the evils of the Catholic Church? Many of which are hundreds of years old!

    And if history is not relevant then how are people to learn anything about anything and why study it in college or university???

    Granted, if we act in a belligerant way then we surely do lend succor to the Watchtower predisposition regarding 'apostates' but righteous indignation is not wrong in itself.

    I, for my part, will never dilute the truth about the Watchtower cult.

  • jgnat

    Erbie, the truth that hit home the hardest was when I told my hubby that the meetings are boring. It's not the freakiest thing about the WTS, but the truth still hits hard.

  • erbie

    Wow jgnat!

    You just made me chuckle!

    I guess its such a simple thing but you're not supposed to find the meetings boring are you.

    A cardinal sin I would imagine.

    But well done you for speaking your mind

  • Londo111

    Every JW knows meetings are boring—they just might not admit it. Most would love to skip the midweek meeting, but they are made to feel their everlasting welfare is dependent on it.

    One speaker said in his public talk, “Some say, ‘Those meetings are dry as kindling!’ Not really. You have to prepare beforehand to get the most out of it.”

    I have to say that “preparing” often made it more boring because it felt so redundant to go over the same material twice. Sometimes it didn't make sense to me to "study" for the meetings, but as a good JW, I did it anyway.

  • d

    Inflammatory speech as seen on some ex jw videos does not help. It did not help me at first. I had to go sites like jw facts and others. You had to slowly draw in the jw lurker.Do so in a manner that is not attacking their beliefs.

  • happytobefree

    meetings are boring .

    ...I love this..because 99.99% of JW agree either deep down inside or openly. That's a great point to start with.

  • rebel8

    But we can't assume:

    A. The "apostates" are actual apostates, not current jws or others using the black propaganda technique.

    B. The apostates' reason for posting is to encourage jws to leave the cult. (Often it's to vent their own anger about the cult, take their anger out on current cult members, prevent non-jws from joining, etc.)

    C. The apostates are not indifferent to the effect on the adherence of the cult member.

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