Future Baby-Mama in a Rage!

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  • LostGeneration

    So what about sperm donation?

    I nominate sd-7 to write that one up....I'm sure the GB will lift it and print it within 6 months!

  • sd-7
    So what about sperm donation?
    I nominate sd-7 to write that one up....I'm sure the GB will lift it and print it within 6 months!

    Uh oh...did someone say my name? Ah...that's a tall order. I might actually try it, if I wasn't afraid of that exact outcome... Hmm. Not a bad choice for Issue #9 of The Beast-Tower, though for a subject like that, I'd have to change the title of the magazine back to its original name, The Breast-Tower: Helping Adults With Sexual Concerns. Maybe I should try it out, see what happens...I'm in a sick kind of mood today.


  • jgnat

    I suggest that sperm donation will be marked a conscience matter, as the man is head of the household. The egg, by comparison, must wear a head-covering when out-of-doors.


    This is a tough one for me to make sense of. They need born-ins, don't they? Are they giving up developed nations contributing to their numbers? I have thought to myself that third world countries and the foreign speaking field is their new focus. They are usually even more poor, and less edumucated than us lazy Americans! I am predicting a retreat to Warwick with simultaneous new light concerning tithing and loyalty oaths, followed by mass DF'ings! The Conti case will also strike hard in the old pocket book! They will lose 1/3 of their numbers, and circle the wagons in Warwick! That is my spirit-directed but un-inspired, likely to be false expectation, which you all must accept!! There will also be a Watchtower article 10 years from now that states " There is no biblical prohibition against such medical practices as IVF, or blood transfusions."

  • nugget

    They are applying iron age thinking to modern life. At the time the rules were writen women were property and knowing the origin of children was all to do with inheritance. It is ridiculous to suggest that a woman choosing AI is commiting fornication. The society is not interested in biological clocks or the personal desires of it's members. they would rather their members remain childless since this means they are more likely to inherit the estates of these people.

    They are greedy, selfish and lack any shred of human compassion and have no right to dictate who should be a mother and who should not. The way they ensure that children within the cult have no childhood shows that they have no interest in children or families.

  • SophieG

    WTBS is behind the curve on this one!

    I posted the scenario to another forum yesterday where witnesses and non witnesses could respond. Some of the JWs were actually shocked that the Org took this stance, even AFTER they read the article. I got a few PMs and most JWs felt like this should be a conscience matter, between the couple and God. One person deeply in, from a family of diehards, thought it was absurd.

    Then I had the hardcore JW mom of 2 kids conceived/born with no problems make a cold hard statement that “Jah thinks it’s porneia no matter what WE THINK!” I wanted to reach out and touch her real hard. I had to remind her that many bible examples committed grave sins and were FORGIVEN! Those are insensitive remarks I just let stand, so non-JWs can see of off base JW thinking can be.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hugs. I hope you can figure out a way to have a child. When you do, you will be more dignified and classy than a "baby-mama." For some reason baby mamma and baby daddy just sound so Maury and Jerry Springer.

  • nonjwspouse


    Maybe it's because that isn't really his name? ( rmember the Spanish Catholic Monk that used a grammatically impossible guess at the tetragammon promounciation/translation?) Those who follow are bing mislead. It was warned about in the Bible

  • rebel8

    I suggest that sperm donation will be marked a conscience matter

    Maybe, but the process to collect the sperm is prohibited.

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