Came clean to the wife and all is good!

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  • Comatose

    I have been reading Steven Hassan's books as well studying like never before. My wife has seen the amount studying I am doing, just hasnt known what all subjects instudy. Over the last few weeks I've slowly shared certain things. Examples would be selective quoting which happens in almost every book and brochure (these destroyed me, hurt me to see, but happen everywhere) Then yesterday just considered a couple scriptures with her. In John's account of Jesus death he has him die on Passover night as a sacrificial "lamb of god" whereas other accounts clearly show Jesus ate Passover with his disciples and died the following day... This amazed her. Then we looked at God saying different things as Jesus was baptized. Then how Matthew in an effort to show prophecy fulfilled has Jesus straddling a donkey and a colt as he rides into town. I showed her the verse in OT where this prophecy comes from. It didn't mean that Jesus needed to straddle them both. It was a poetic verse, saying he rides an ass, yes a colt of an ass. But Matthew misunderstood the meaning and wrote in the crazy straddle of them both. This led to showing her hiwnJudas gave the money to the religious leaders who bought "the field of blood" with it and called it blood money, then Judas hangs himself. Acts in chapter 1 says Judas bought the field and burst his guts open and bled on it thereby it being called "field of blood". Jehovah tells Moses he never revealed his name to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but then in Genesis Abraham calls him Jehovah and knows the name. This led to discussing whether or not every account was literal and factual history.

    Somehow from there we got to religion in general, and found myself telling her about 607 and 587 and 1914 and N H Barbour. Pretty much everything. At one point I thought I should stop, not too much, but she was okay and wanted more... We talked for hours. Everything is changed now for her too. We even discussed how to handle things like birthdays and thanksgiving. Pagan holidays like Christmas or Easter will be out for us As of right now. She is against paganism and holidays that teach lies, but neither of us ever understood birthdays or Thanksgiving. Disfellowshipping is another one she doesn't get. Blood issue too.

    We are still figuring it out. It won't be easy. But I have my best friend and wife to make the journey with. I want to thank each and every one of you. Without reading the posts here and getting tips in my first post I made, I wouldn't have been able to do this.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Well done just take it wife is totally a different person now compared to the up tight Witness she was...last night I caught her watching porn...and I! TOOK ALOT of work to deprogram her.

  • nolongerconfused

    Witness 707 -

    WOW! lol

  • DesirousOfChange

    Comatose -- Barely only a month here and what fantastic results at home! Congrats. My wife is basically at the same place, but it's taken a couple years of occasional discussion. She too sees TTATT now so we are pretty much on the same page regarding that. She's still holding on though because of wanting something to "replace it".


  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    So happy to hear that your wife has seen the real truth. Peace to you both.

  • besty

    good job comatose -

  • dreamgolfer

    Lucky Guys!!!

  • Gayle

    That is awesome for you both! So many best wishes!

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    Glad to hear your success story! Please keep us posted on how this progresses.

    My husband and I also exited together. We tip-toed around each other for a while as we built the courage to share our doubts with each other. Sites like JWN,, and books by Steve Hassan and Ray Franz made our journey a no-brainer. Now that we know "the truth about the truth" there is no going back. By the way we were in our mid fifties when we began questioning the organization and had children and grandchildren who were in. All are out or on their way out now. I hope you and your wife are waking up earlier in life than we did.

    All the best,

    Reopened Mind

  • nibbled

    @Comatose It's so great you can discuss with her! I would love to have someone to study the scriptures with!

    Remember that you have the desire to study the scriptures, and faith that you will be given the answers for the questions that arise. I promise you, as one who stumbled into similar questions, if not many of the same. Each time it was like a tiny test—I could either pray with faith that he'd help me understand and find the 'answer', or I could immediately feel a tiny chink in my armour as if the blow chipped the tiniest piece away.

    I too noted (when reading through start to finish) that God told Moses he'd never yet revealed his name, but then it was used through out the first five books of the scriptures. Moses wrote all those books, and they're often referred to as "the books of Moses". He didn't write them as journal he carried around writing each night as things occured, but as a memoir written telling the story while he was looking back—so he used the name he knew, even though in the story it wasn't introduced yet to him chronologically speaking. Remember, while it's inspired, it's also ancient literature!

    There's one question I was most fascinated by the answer. It has to do with his death and the sign above his head, what it read, and the time of day. The answer has to do with the cultural context of the accounts. Roman time as opposed to Hebrew time (what "time" is mid-day for each of those cultures?). It has to do with the sign when first written, the sign when attached to the stake, the sign when the stake was put up. I don't remember the distinct points, but if you're interested I'll go figure it out to write it up to study with you and your wife?

    Have faith and keep constant in prayer. It's a moment of vulnerability. Those who have faith end up with answers that strengthen their faith like nothing they've ever experienced, and are aided to see the richness of the stories—the tapestry of the scriptures. Others end up with more questions, no faith, and a harder heart than head, it seems. You can either give into your fear, or be fearless and faithful. Seek and ye shall find! Have fun! Welcome to the treasure hunt! :)

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