"There will be blood" - I DO BELIEVE there will be an up rise very soon

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    I was moved from the post of another user on this topic.Like the film "There will be blood" that deals with passive aggression in religion I do now think that there will be an inevitable uprise against the lunatics of the Governing Body .Too many of us wake up in a rate that has never been seen before because of the Internet .What do you think ? What shape will this uprise take ?

    Cuba Libre

  • LostGeneration

    An uprise? lol.

    How did that work out for Ray Franz?

    The only power people have in religions like this is with their feet. The GB wouldn't care if 6 million walked out tomorrow, they would keep the 1 million left under their thumb and continue business as usual.

  • blondie

    So why would public officials want bibles signed by the GB....what importance do these men have to non-jws? Do the GB let them know they will soon be kings in heaven with Jesus?

  • Finkelstein

    I personally doubt a great uprising as suggested in the title of this topic, but a gradual slowing decease in the organization's

    following adherents. The way the WTS. has recently shrunk some the requirements upon its members , no organized book study,

    less time requirement for pioneering etc. , Is kind of indicative that the aggressive heyday of the WTS. publishing house is over.

    The organization right now is confronted with all its past proclamations that never occurred and duly exposed on places like the inter-net

    to make matters even worse.

    I think the general public is smart enough to realize and be aware of that all the WTS. past doctrines and proclamations were

    superficially divised to attract attention to the organization's published goods which created its own inherent corruption in its

    commercialization of those published goods.

    I would even suggest that in the future the WTS. will try to further distance itself from its past by changing the names of their two

    most prominent magazines The Watchtower and Awake .

  • straightshooter

    I thought with the recent new light that there would be an uprising. But the basic jw continues on as if nothing new happened. Blind following blind often times exists in the WTS. Hence I do not think there will be an uprising, exodus, or major shrinkage. After all the WTS has free labor in those spreading their message door-to-door.

  • Honesty

    Where else can we go?

  • Finkelstein

    Where else can we go?

    Make seeking knowledge your religion and your personal endeavor in your life.

  • JimmyPage

    When you consider how this religion breaks up families, ruins lives, and contributes to mental illness, I would not be surprised to see someone wake up to the lies and turn violent toward the top dogs. I'm not advocating it, just saying it wouldn't surprise me.

  • cptkirk

    the funny thing is, to some people it may sound out there, but it is inevitable. if you look at trends of the last 30 years, they almost always run their full cycle. rarely do you see hot button issues (that have stirred up local random blue collar people) that just dissipate, they almost always continue to build until finally climax. the election of a black president underscores just such anger that started small and then exploded. look at all the stuff that went on with plane hijackings in the 1980's too (plenty of movies on it)...you think the anger that drove those men would just disappear? no it elevated to mass murder. so really, when you see these guys setting up in front of kingdom halls with their little podium and iphone recording them, talking to nothing as members file into the building....you can pretty much bet that the next step will come and eventually climax. then what? armed guards all over bethel? will be hard to "tell the brothers to have faith" when you all are walking around with armed escorts, there's your faith.

  • insearchoftruth4

    It is inevitable! aye cptkirk, armed guards walking around escorting in Bethel, Patterson, Warwick, assembly halls ect...across the the US/Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America ect??? exJWs are inside the org and outside, well aware it is a corporate scam, they have been ripped off in too many ways. They are BIG and mad as hell. Shit happens fast!!...Like Jimmy Page, I'm not advocating it, but it is inevitable. WHEN TRUTH IS HURLED AT FALSEHOOD, FALSEHOOD WILL PERISH!!!

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