would most of us still be in the borg had....

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    the nwt been matthew through rev only? btw, what is up with the login code word, mbator? how did it know?

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    label licker

    If your saying no OT absolutely not. You can't understand the back of the bible without first reading the OT first. The greek weren't written yet when all these things were taking place. They could only rely on the Hebrew scriptures and quote from these. That's all they had. For instance the society fails to touch on all the feasts and sabbaths ect Leviticus 23. All of yahweh's appointed times with his followers line up with all the trumpets right through to Revelation.

    Society says to follow in his footsteps closely but what did Christ do. How did he worship? Had he not kept his fathers laws and broken just one then the word would not have been perfect and Jesus would have sinned. We know he couldn't sin for he was made perfect.

    Look up some hebrew scholars on line and just start with the first five books of the OT, the Torah. These teachers are way more closer to the truth than jw's. The ones we study from match the whole bible and not just the OT. It's like the veil has been lifted but to each his own.

    I hope you have fun and a whole lot of success at finding what your looking for.

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    Gotta agree with label licker. I'm preface this by saying I don't believe the Bible is the word of god (I'm an atheist). Without the OT the NT has no purpose. The NT was written to "fulfill" the OT.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Isaiah 66:22,23 New heavens and earth. During the millinium Zechariah 14:16. Doesn't make sense we would have the old law and feasts back then and then Jehovah takes it away now and then gives it back to us in the millinium. When Jehovah said these are my feasts and to keep them indefinitely and then after harmeggedon and forever we keep them. Also, he would have told Mary, Martha and some of his desciples not to keep it but they had to get him into the ground for the next day was the sabbath. Day after he died.Next day was ffeast of unleaven bread and was a high sabbath. They bought the spices and then had to rest for the weekly sabbath.After his death. Why would they be resting if Jesus did away with it. So, if we don't have to keep the sabbath 4th commandment then we don't have to keep any of the rest. Ten years after Christs death, Peter was still keeping the dietary laws.Romans 3:31 tells us by faith we establish the law.

    Every scripture in Psalms 119 is about the law. If we were to believe most of Christianity that we don't have to keep the sabbath of the bible because it is not specifically recommanded in the NT, then how do we interpret John when he says to keep the commandments of YHWH when there is no testament at that time to look through?It's the same commandments of the 1st centurey as it is today. The same when Jehovah started out. Acts 18:21 part of it was taken out of NWT and other bibles but in the KJ's bible Paul is saying he has to go to Jeruselum and KEEP THE FEAST. This is years after Jesus death.

    Matthew 24:20 was also an endtime prophecy and yet if we're not keeping the sabbath why does Jesus say hope it doen't happen in the winter or on a sabbath?Jesus was constantly accused of breaking the sabbath and yet he never broke his fathers law. He said he kept it perfectly for if he would have broken the law then he wouldn't have been our Messiah. For he had to be sinless. If Jesus or Paul would have taught against it they would have been stoned to death. It was put down on stone, never to be erased. Nothing was prophesyed to end it. Acts 15:20'21. There's no way that Jesus, Paul or others were hypocrites by saying don't keep the sabbath and feasts and then they go and do it and it was kept way after Jesus death.

    Society likes to pluck a scripture here and there for example the faithful and discreet slave but you have to read the whole context and you find out society had it wrong. Especially when Paul was saying no no you don't let any one judge you because of the sabbath or new moon. He was putting it across you keep it! To each their own but now I have a whole different understanding in following in Jesus footsteps closely and they are not burdensome. Lev 23 has the whole outline of how we are to keep Jehovah's laws and feasts. Sabbath is a blessing not a bondage.

    Spring feasts have been fulfilled or in hebrew make rich and they are Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits and Pentecost

    Fall feasts which are future prophecy to be fulfilled are Feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles. It's no coincedence that the feast of trumpets are called the lords day.That's when he comes back to do the judgeing. There's only two days that are the Lords day and that is Lord of the sabbath and when he comes again. Right after the vision that John saw on the Lord's day in Revelation, the next day a trumpet was blow and he hears a voice.

    It took along time to get that witless mentality out of my mind. We were duped!!!!!!

  • nibbled

    Funny you should ask. I'm not in the borg because in one night I was at the meeting and over the course of the night, two points were made.

    1. The Old Testament was not written for us, it was written for the Jews.
    2. The New Testament is basically all for the anointed Christians, the 144,000, not us.

    So you mean the bible wasn't written for me? That the only portion of the bible they feel is relevant today is only relevant for only 144,000 people, and has been for nearly 2000 years? That means basically the NT was written for just 70 people every year are born over the last 2000 years.

    Yeah, um, no.

    That was the line for me.

    I went home and started reading the bible—what didn't they want me to know?

    Also, label licker, I sent you a private message. Curious, what does your name mean? It makes me think of my favorite VW commerical. http://adland.tv/commercials/vw-volkswagen-lick-2001-030-usa

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    Reading the whole bible back and forth is what blew the top off. eg, NT Mark 16: 9 thru 20 missing. John 8: 1-11 missing! Who really wrote the gospels, Q? Jesus probably spoke Aramaic, where's it at? Not a copy of copy of copy of a copy.. Paul founded Chistianity and he never met, talked, ate with Jesus, in fact Jesus wasn't even a Christian. Nevertheless, there is some Divine Revelation in the Bible OT and NT.....which leads me another Book and thats another story.

  • Tiktaalik

    Or look at it this way: the bible is THE most over-rated book ever. It is stupefyingly boring. It's full of the misogynistic ramblings of religious zealots and other assorted nutjobs.

    The fact that so many people are wiiling to squander so much of their precious time arguing back and forth about the arcane minutiae of this completely outdated and irrelevant dribble is beyond me.

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    The Lord of the Rings trilogy is much better......

  • Ucantnome

    im not in as i went out because i can no longer support the preaching

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