Tonight on Channel 4 prog about Child Abuse !!!

by Phizzy 14 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • cantleave

    This is all too familiar! I hate religion.....Very interesting prgram.

  • 88JM

    I watched it too.

    To me, I noticed the word that all the rabbis and their supporters were using a lot was "hope".

    Like: "we hope these abusers will be brought to justice", and "we hope that it all turns out okay", all the while doing very little about it.

    But they think that is all fine, and that hope is enough - they seem to think they are perfectly capable of handling the problem themselves - "hope" will sort it all out. These people are dangerous. Hope does not sort it out. If they do nothing about these abusers, they will keep on abusing as the program showed. Hope does not get an abuser arrested - only the proper authorities can do that.

  • cedars
  • Heartofaboy

    Blast!! I missed the program??

    I saw the trailer & the similarities to the Watchtower's way of dealing with abuse was striking.

    We need the borg to be exposed in the same way.

  • cedars

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