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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    WELCOME! You sound a lot like myself and many many others on this board. Personally I found the commonality of my experience with so many others to be comforting. We all do it at different speeds, but we are all here to help one another.

    Please take it SLOW with you wife. If you out yourself too soon, she'll put her guard up to some of the things you say, invoking the cult personality. Please read Steve Hassan's books, they will explain it better than I can. You are in a unique position, still able to plant seeds without having her guard up. Once you out yourself, her cult mind will discard what could otherwise have been good info.

    Very happy to have you here! And look forward to hearing more from you. Please feel free to PM me anytime.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Welcome aboard! You've raised some important points & it is good that you're questioning things...I stepped down as an MS a couple months ago, so i can relate.

    Learn as much as you can!


    Kool Jo

  • TheListener

    Welcome Comatose! Glad you posted. Hang in there and remember what others have said - you are not as alone as you probably feel. There are many here who were born in and served in various capacities. Keep listening, learning and making good friends.

  • mrquik

    Welcome as well. Some of the best advice as mentioned by everyone else is to take it slow. As you have already figured out, the end is NOT near. Plan your future, you're going to have one. Whichever way you go remember to Live Well....Enjoy Life.

  • Borges

    A warm welcome from Germany Comatose!

  • nibbled

    Hi Comatose.

    I'm beyond my bed time and my glass of wine is lonely as I can't type one handed. :)

    I also just joined this forum. It's a relief to find that I can post all the things I'd written with no one to share them with, for fear I'd be cast out in the cold as an 'apostate'. One day after my mother threw the term out there (last summer) when I was attempting to point out to her what Matthew 24 says about the slave, when they'd be appointed, that later they'd be rewarded, etc, I realized the truth of the matter—I might be called an apostate of the Watchtower, but one could never call me an apostate of God.

    Try signing up for and start reading a different version of the scriptures. I don't have "a" version, as much as I now use many, and rely on the interlinear.

    The Watchtower, as someone just pointed out to me, has been said to put out more atheist's than any other religion.

    It's time to see if you can turn to God and his Word—his son—and salvage a relationship free and clear from interference. One day it just dawned on me, for a brief moment I was given over into big huge weepy tears in prayer apologizing for thinking that they could ever speak for him, and that I'd fallen to believing their word over his.

    I read the bible for myself and promptly became 'an apostate'.

    Right now I get that you're in a different place. But it does come down to the "come to Jesus moment" as I'd heard said in the South when I was a kid. You can either dig deeper, or throw in the towel.

    I hope you'll dig a little deeper, there's danger in religion because they all have just a little bit of the truth. The only way to get all the truth is to recognize WHO he is and to rely on him.

    On another forum that I've been on for a while now with a bunch of grumpy old men academic types (sorry guys!) I mentioned how I love the riddles and mysteries of the scriptures—I'd never really read it before in my 20 years (12-32 yrs old) as a JW. Then over the last year I've found it's the greatest book I've ever read, and I've read a ton!

    God sends the spirt of his son into our hearts to cry out "Abba, Father". Is that Christ as a spirit, or the spirit which belongs to Christ? Christ is the truth, and we know that the spirit of truth will lead us into all the truth—is that Christ as a spirit, or is that the spirit of Christ?

    The flood came over all the land. Is that all the land of the entire earth, or is that all the land of Mesopotamia? Have you read the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest written story on Earth? How does that factor into your feelings? What do you imagine that the land of the earth looked like in those days—was it like our world map of the contintents today? Were there the mountains we have today?

    This isn't about anything but you and your God, and your mediator, his son. Relax. Breath in and out, remember that there was this story you heard once, and then take a big bite out of the bread of life, the Word of God who came in the flesh. He'll take care of the rest! (Even if you decide now isn't a good time for a glass of wine!) :)

    If I can recommend, buy a journal, track your journey, and share your updates as you dig into the word and ask, "Why" trusting that he will answer you. I'd love to hear what you come to think. I'm gonna take your list and use it for study research for myself.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comatose

    For study - 2 Samuel 12:15-18

    “15 Then Nathan went to his own house. And Jehovah proceeded to deal a blow to the child that the wife of U·ri′ah had borne to David so that it took sick. 16 And David began to seek the true God in behalf of the boy, and David went on a strict fast and came in and spent the night and lay down on the earth. 17 So the older men of his house stood up over him to raise him up from the earth, but he did not consent and did not take bread in company with them. 18 And it came about on the seventh day that the child gradually died”

    Rather than strike Joab a vicious man who committed three mentioned murders in the bible, Jehovah struck the baby. The penalty for murder is death. So Joab deserved to die for having Uriah killed. Plus, he had already had another murder at this point. But, instead an innocent was struck and suffered for seven days. No instant death, but a slow, sad, and painful one.

    I do not believe God did that. Would Jesus do it? He is a mirror of his father. Would Jesus make a young one suffer seven days and die for something he didn't do? It is words of man...

  • flipper

    BTTT another newbie thread ! WElcome big time ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • tec

    Welcome Comatose!

    I do not believe God did that. Would Jesus do it? He is a mirror of his father.

    Christ is the image and truth of God. If an account attributes something to God that is in conflict with the truth Christ showed of God, then it did not happen as we are reading or understanding it. That could be because the translation is off, or because the scribes themselves did not understand (and so passed their misunderstanding on to us), and sometimes an account will say that God 'struck someone down', when actually the death came as a natural consequence to something. In either case, we have Christ to help us see the truth of His Father.

    But take your time and ask your questions, and study without others' influence. I am sure you'll find support around the forum.

    Peace to you,


  • snare&racket

    WELCOME xxx

    That inquisitive and intelligent mind will save your life.... keep it up, don't fall for that evil line "don't trust your own thinking" presumably those 8 men in that factory trust theirs as they demand that everyone under them do too!

    Well done, you wuill figure it out. Dont fear the questions and their answers, fear those that seek to prevent you from seeing them

    You are in a good place,

    snare x

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