Fading JW goes against 3 Mormons

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  • Gojira_101

    Well as the title says it. I had 3 Mormons "call" on me a few minutes ago. This is the first time being on the other side of the door knocking. I actually feel sorry for them right now. Pretty much everything they said I about their Book of Mormon, I was able to debunk because of actually know the Bible. In a nice way I told them they are very much like the JW's and I'm not going to leave one cult for another....and when I tried to hand the Book of Mormon back to them (I had taken it to flip through it and then I tried to give it back), first they wouldn't take it and now I'm stuck with a book of Mormon. I wish I had learned that stratagy as a JW (hand the book to the householder to look at and then refuse to take the book back), I would have been able to place more books! And then second one of them was talking about how their Mr Smith is a prophet of God....etc.

    So these are the questinos I asked them.

    Do you believe Jesus is the son of God?

    Yes, yes, yes (that was the 3 of them answering)

    Do you believe God sent him?

    Yes, yes, yes

    Do you believe Jesus was crucified and died for all men?

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Do you believe Jesus was a perfect man?

    Yes, yes, yes

    Do you believe Jesus was the greatest prophet then that God could have sent to us?

    Yes, yes,....(shaking his head no), nnnnnahh...yes

    So if Jesus was the greatest and most perfect prophet God could send and the people of Jesus time killed him, why would God send any other prophet when he has already sent the most perfect and greatest prophet?

    The guy who started to say no to my question of Jesus being a prophet started rambling on about something...I stopped listening...but it was interesting the other Elder Mormon I could tell he was thinking about what I said and then you could see the light of understanding or comprehension go off.

    As I was listening to them, it was like deja vu to what the JW have been cramming down my throat....If it wasn't for the nice little elder badges I would have thought I was talking to JW's.

    I actually feel pretty good that I was able to hold my own against 3 Mormon's


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Funny experience!

    Just read it with the tune of "Hello!" from the Book of Mormon the Musical running in my head. ..

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    That's our girl! Proud of you Sweetie!

    That actually could work against JW's also.

    If Jesus was the perfect prophet and gave us everything we needed to have a relationship with Him & God, then Why do we need a GOVERNING BODY that would be taking His position?

  • QueenWitch

    y'know, I actually want a book of mormon for my religious texts collection.

  • MrFreeze

    When I was actually in the JW's before I really woke up mentally, I had a couple Mormons come to my door. Pretty easy to refute the Book of Mormon. I quoted the scripture that talks about what would happen to someone who "adds" anything to the scriptures and how the Book of Mormon could be deemed adding to the scriptures. Of course, this could be perfectly applicable to the WT and all of their publications being used like they are the Bible.

  • Gojira_101

    QueenWitch I sent you a PM

  • caliber

    to someone who "adds" anything to the scriptures and how the Book of Mormon could be deemed adding to the scriptures

    To this they simply say that applies to the book of Revelation only and that others books of the Bible were actually written after(see index.)

    also remember the Bible itself is a collection of 66 books compiled later

    In other words men decide where Revelation would be placed at a later date and at that point it became last book of the Bible

  • Eustace

    My name is Elder Price
    And I would like to share with you the most amazing book

  • prologos

    Gal 1:8 is even better:"--even if an angel from heaven--- declare another good news beyond what we have declared--"

    ask: were not the golden plates and book of mormon brought by an angel to Joseph Smith?

    If you think the bible is funny with talking snakes, cloned ladies, non-digesting fish, look at the mormon stories.

    Its mind control. make prayer together, accept read, puzzel over book of mormon, ask questions (meditate) believe all the fables (feebling your mind), join, get love bombed,recognition, give 10% serve. enjoy. obey and be blessed.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Gojira - well done!

    This summer I had a great old gabfest, with 2 very young mormon boys working our town.

    They were pleased and surprised, as they said they had yet to meet a JW that would even speak to them! This in a town of about 4500 with a kindom hall in it! and I'm an apostate!

    They asked loads of questions. Guess we apostates have to do everything ..sheeesh.

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