As a JW, how did you feel about shunning?

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  • jwfacts

    Thanks again for all the comments.

    Gorgia - disagreed and openly associated with df'd people

    I thought about that, but the poll is mainly for active JW's. You cannot openly associate with d'f people without getting reproved and potentially disfellowshipped. So any open association would not last for long.

  • whichway2go

    I'm a vote for:

    Was stumbled by this practice but shunned as instructed

    I had some family that was dfd, and we limited public association, butI had no problem, eating, visiting, them etc. I even publicly metnioned it a few times, and got a couple warnings, but no action. I am not actively trying to connect with friends who have been dfed and did not return over the years.

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