Sex and drugs in university

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yeah, I used to hear all about the sex and drugs (especially the sex) in college from the crack team of elders in my hall.

    Evidently, there are no sex and drugs in the workplace. . . . . . . and of course there are no sexual issues in the congregation

    It's just a scare tactic to use on kids: go to college, have some sex and drugs, get DF'd, and jehover has a big fireball waiting for you.

    If you are interested in learning and improving yourself as a person, sex and drugs will be the last thing you'll be thinking of at college.

    Just another Watchtower Caricature of Reality

  • fulltimestudent

    Bungi Bill mentions heavy drinking. Now that's something the Australian branch knows all about. Some 25 (?) years ago a member of the branch committee, named Dave Madzay and a small clique of other bethelites were really getting stuck into the slops at night. No criticism from the other members of the branch committee, until one night he drove somewhere and was picked up by the police and charged with driving under the influence. Now that friends, is a serious matter (looks bad) and Dave gets removed from his position and has to leave Bethel. Which all led to heavier drinking, and one cold winter night he mistakenly filled his kerosene heater with petrol instead of kerosene. He did not survive! Are we to asume then that going to Bethel can lead us to bad associations (grin)?

    Right in the heart of Yahweh's spiritual paradise, many learned to do something harmful. And it was always so. Go back to 1940s to the time when the Australian branch was banned and although the Government allowed the Bethel family of the time to continue to live at Bethel, it was placed under Army occupation, with sentries controlling access. The Branch Servant was Bro. MacGillivray, and brother Mac as he was known, was out dining well one night and comes home late at night filled with his favourite spirit, and when challenged "Who goes there," by the sentry, makes a smartarse response. So the Sentry shot him, (but did not kill him) - Bet he thought carefully next time he got challenged.

    In any case, it is not neccessarily the close bad associations with worldly people that troubles Yahweh, the WT god. Yahweh's problem is that at University you are taught to interrogate ideas. That is anathema to Yahweh and his Jesus sidekick. It leads to seeing the light and realising that Yahweh, Jesus and the whole construction is an illusion. That's their problem!

  • talesin

    There are Xtian groups in most universities ....... it's all about which crowd you choose to hang with.

    more BS, that's all

    oh, and also,,,,,,,,,, liquor? hahaha, just ask her how many elders get drunk on a regular basis.



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Don't some of us wish our college life was full of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. There was friendly competition at my college. What I recall most was the intense studying. I will never forget going to the study room at 3 a.m. on a Sunday. It was not during finals or midterms. There were no seats available.

    Despite a well earned reputation for worldliness, religious groups existed on campus. You could choose your culture. I will never get over Rick Santorum's rant about college and faith. There he stood. Both his wife and he have professional degrees. He could not be part of the political scene without those credentials. Everyone was revolted. The media reported that hard data proved that college actually increased faith for most students.

    My gf was Roman Catholic and hated it. She had utter contempt for the abilities of parish priests and the church's actions against women. She decided, nevertheless, to attend a Catholic university, Duquesne. Her religous teacher was the college president. She said she discovered glories of Roman Catholicism she never knew existed. My own faith increased during college.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    Very interesting - yet no surprise.

    As an aside, I was taught to drink by that same elder who persuaded my father not to send me to university. This fellow certainly knew what beer was for, and sad to say, I was an excellent student! Later on he was accepted for Gilead. By the sound of things, he was well qualified.


  • dreamgolfer

    Okay, I can't stop,

    Elder #1 send all 4 of his Kids to a UNIVERSITY (they still live at home though)

    Elder#2 in our OLD CONGO - sent his Daughter to a PRIVATE METHODIST UNIVERSITY WHILE HE WAS THE PO (and still is)

    $40,000 a year and it was RELIGIOUS, NOT A STATE school!

    ELDER #3 Sent their son to a STATE UNI, and now the kid has a Great Job making $150 K a year - we are so happy for them all!

    MS Servant #1 - gets council from Elder body about sending his Daughter to Community College -

    EXCUUUUUUSE me.... I have to go PUKE

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I went to a state school well known for its party atmosphere. The primary reason I chose to live on campus was that I could party and carouse without parental supervision, even though my mom's house was only 30 minutes from campus. I was 17 and really wanted out from under the constant supervision. So, the Society isn't completely wrong about the atmosphere on campus (at some schools at least) and motivations of many students. Had I been less motivated to be academically successful and get on the road to a solid career, I could have easily ended up flunking out or developing a serious substance abuse problem.

  • MrFreeze

    Band on the Run, living in Pittsburgh we hear stories about how bad the dorms are that the Duquesne students live in. Seems like they are always in the news for something.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Many, including myself, have observed that it isn't just on campus that young persons can get themselves into trouble with substance abuse;

    - although the WTS makes in sound like it is (Bearing in mind that "substance abuse" can also include the abuse of that carbonated beverage, usually packaged in a brown bottle).

    Try the workplace, for one - as I found out as a vulnerable 17 year old! Then after that, I saw it raised to the level of a fine art when I shared a flat with three other young "brothers."


  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    What is their excuse about not learning with these higher education facilities?

    It takes time away from the all-important work of selling WTS crap.

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