Sex and drugs in university

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    Sex and drugs in the university? These days, these organizations have so many sex hang-ups that they are willing to dump anyone for "lewd conduct" on campus. And they have such broad definitions of "sexual harassment" these days that just looking at a member of the opposite sex is construed as "sexual harassment". In that environment, the two sexes are afraid of each other, since they are encouraged to snitch and you can get ejected from the university for it. Maybe if the washtowel would read some of these vaguely worded policies regarding "sexual harassment" and the absolute zero tolerance (along with the snitching environment where someone can dump someone permanently with a bogus "sexual harassment" complaint where the "harassment" consists merely of looking in their general direction), they wouldn't worry so much about this. What is this, the 1960s?

    And it's the same for drugs. These days, there are so many rules about alcohol on campus that abuse is quite difficult. You can no longer have open kegs or beer balls. You cannot have alcohol in your room if you or your roommate are under 21, and there is a limit of one open container of alcohol at a time per person. Even possessing "excessive alcohol" is prohibited and can result in ejection from the university. (Whatever "excessive alcohol" means--what is "excessive alcohol", two beers?). And they have random inspections. Security can show up at any time when you are minding your own business, and make sure you are not in violation of this alcohol policy. And for sure, with such a hair-trigger to get people ejected from universities, who is going to be able to take drugs? Remember, merely being under the influence is enough.

    I think they had better revise their out of date attitude about this "party atmosphere". Now, the universities with zero tolerance and sting operations regarding "sexual harassment" ought to be ashamed of themselves for going along with joke-hova's plot to enslave the world. However, if the washtowel is still looking back in the 1960s and 1970s, they themselves need to look to now. This is the zero-tolerance-for-sex 2010's, not the free for all 1960s. As for drugs, we are not back in the early 1980s when the universities were liberal with alcohol. Back then, they would look the other way. Back then, you could buy beer on campus (albeit at inflated prices), or order a keg, and have beer parties. The university often hosted beer parties where there could be more than 20 kegs (yes, you paid for each beer--but they were unlimited as long as you had the money). Try that now, and find yourself ejected from campus.

  • Xanthippe

    Ooh George it sounds like your Summer School was much more exciting than mine

    I went to Reading.

  • Pistoff

    I was raised in, the idea of going to college in '72 was just not on anyone's radar. Why?

    The end WAS coming in '75; no reason for school.

    Learn to be a farmer, or truckdriver to support yourself the last few years of this old system.

    You don't rearrange chairs on the sinking Titanic, right?

    I raised my children (the ones I would never have in this system) in the 80's and 90's, fairly liberal years for the WT stance on college.

    I advocated school to all of my children; they all have university degrees and are all employed.

    None of them got into drugs or sex in college; none of them are greedy, materialistic or hungry for fame.

    The WT stance on college is complete and utter nonsense, and 90% of the witnesses know it.

    The more the 'slave' brays on about it like an insane jackass, the more they turn off the smart ones, the ones they need to reach out.

    Keep it up, 'slave'; soon your growth rate will be deep into negative numbers!

  • snare&racket

    How is doing 3 years as a joiner at a tech college better than 3 years at university becoming a lawyer?

    Oh yeah... the WT need joiners!

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    St George of England

    Xanthippe you have a PM


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