I just went to the meeting tonight!

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  • sd-7

    Okay, we're overanalyzing here. Geez, guys. Is it that hard? My wife had a 5 minute talk, after which she returned to her seat. I then gave her the kids. That was it. They're not old enough to be left on their own. She had the kids and had already taken them into the other congregation at the time, and if/when she needed to take one of them to the bathroom she left the other with a sister she apparently trusted, which is what she probably does every other meeting when I'm not there. At the point where she had the kids with her, I left, that was all.

    I think a reasonable parent would make sure their kids were okay before deciding to just disappear. If there's an unspoken accusation to be made here, then by all means, speak it. Otherwise, the question has been answered, issue resolved, and it's a moot point 4 days later anyway.


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