WT does NOT own "Military Stock"

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  • amccullough

    I thought this deserved its own thread...below is a reply a made to one of the previous threads ( http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=24473&site=3 ) and I am anxious for someone to refute it...or maybe I'm right.

    Not quite...it seems everyone is muddling the details on this.
    It seems that James McCann, who donated the stocks to the WT, invented an improved rotary engine called a Rand Cam engine. His company, the Rand Cam Engine Corp is a privately held company, but he has donated 50% of the stock to the WT (but retained the voting proxy so the WT has no say in what is going on), he owns 34% and the balance is owned by several shareholders. This company is half owner of another company called Rand Energy Group. The other partner is Reg Technologies.

    These two companies, Rand Energy Group and Reg Technologies are the developers of the Rand Cam engine.

    The website you referred us to, http://www.regtech.com/press/press1995.htm , simply says the following..."Hercules Aerospace company has merged with Alliant TechSystems, Inc. that creates a $1.3 billion company in annual sales. Alliant is currently completing the drawings on the Diesel Engine to be completed within ninety days."
    So neither Rand Cam Engine Corp, Rand Energy Group, or Reg Technologies own or have merged with this company. Instead, Alliant is working in conjunction with Reg Tech to develop a diesel version of this rotary engine.

    So, in effect, the WT owns half of a company (with no voting proxy, mind you) that owns half of another company that has a subsidiary that is working with another company that is developing their engine for a military application.

    So I wouldn't go so far to say that WT is into Military stock big time, but I would say that if the WT is aware of this military connection, you would think they would donate the stock back so as not to stumble anyone. Who knows how many different stocks they own and if they are tracking the actions of each company they have a vested interest in? Maybe they don't realize this, maybe they do, I don't know.

    If someone understands this differently, please respond.

  • anewperson

    No one said you Watchtower guys owned military stock directly but you do have 50% in the Rand Engine business and that vested interest is linked to those who are tied in with Boeing. Give up the 50% or continue to be exposed. As you admit though only near the end "the WT owns half of a company (with no voting proxy, mind you) that owns half of another company that has a subsidiary that is working with another company that is developing their engine for a military application." You'd like to re-spin the facts but can't. Voting proxy or no, you do have a MAJOR vested interest.

  • amccullough

    First off, I'm not a Watchtower guy. I have minimal contact with my elders, let alone the WT.


    No one said you Watchtower guys owned military stock directly
    I believe your thread was titled "WTS into Military Stock Big Time", that is an exaggeration that I was trying to clarify.

    You'd like to re-spin the facts but can't. Voting proxy or no, you do have a MAJOR vested interest.
    I have no desire to re-spin anything, just understand it clearly. The WT has a MAJOR vested interest in a company that has a vested interest in another company that works with a company on military applications. That is a more precise statement as opposed to your "you do have a MAJOR vested interest." Which is about as vague as saying "You DO own a car, so you must have run over that person."

    I've already acknowledged that the WT has a MINOR connection to a company developing products for military apps and that according to their teachings, they should get rid of these. Don't be so dramatic.

  • Xenu

    If I own a broom factory,
    that is sold in NYC, which is
    bought by a janitor who works
    for the UN, am I supporting the UN?

  • deddaisy

    what I'm curious about is why this guy "donated" 50% of his holdings to the WT? And the "voting" thing sounds like advice from a lawyer, just in case something like this happened. (It became public.)"Well we don't have any say in the investment!"

  • anewperson

    McC, that the WTS has 50% stock in a company tied to a military-linked company tied to a military-linked company that bought a military-aerospace company division producing war bombs in not a MINOR thing. If it is minor as you tell it, then the WTS has nothing to worry about, if it is even as we are saying and as rank-and-file JWs will see it, then they better sweat it. If you work for the WTS or instead don't but spin for it, let yourself know and each reader determine.

    Again, sweat it, WTS, sweat it.

  • jwsons

    A faithful sister working in an Army firm as a cleaner. Is the disfellowship to be considered ? Why those smart-cunning slave at Brooklyn not just withdraw all those shares and invest in somewhere else, OR simplier return to Mr McCann (a 'faithful' JDub ?)

  • anewperson

    If I have stock in a jet engine,
    that is produced by a military company in America,
    which buys out a division of Boeing
    to enhance my military activities,
    am I supporting warfare?

    Especially if JW??

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Xenu, I have similar questions.

    If I swim in a YMCA pool am I supporting another religion?
    If I love my cat could that be called worship?
    If I choose to celebrate the anniversary of my wedding day is that ok?
    If I choose to celebrate the anniversary of my childs birth is that not ok?
    If I use hemo-pure, a bovine product, to save my life, am I using a previously worshipped animal to give me life?

  • freeman

    That is not the only tie the Watch Tower has to the Military.

    One Watch Tower owned company also owns some of the rights to smart bomb technology currently deployed and being used in Afghanistan right now! Like it or not, that is a fact! Believe it or not, it is still a fact! The company I personally work for has to pay a licenses fee for use of this technology, and part of this revenue is returned to the Watch Tower as profit. Without getting into details as they are classified and most of which I don’t even have access to anyway, this technology involves “target recognition”, the weapons see and recognize the target.

    Recently the NAVY has awarded a Watch Tower owned company a contract to develop a new pilot-less vehicle to be used in warfare. The details are classified and so there is not much info on the net, however there is some type of a general release I remember reading as this news is more or less public info. Basically a Watch Tower owned company is providing the small high efficiency low noise engines for these planes. According to my source, the drone planes themselves are “field adaptable”. A number of reconnaissance sensors can be deployed (my employer makes these sensors) and also a small offensive weapons pod, similar to the predator.

    And according to disclosures made to the Securities and Exchange Commission, THE WATCH TOWER IS A MAJOR BEIFICERARY of revenues produced, that’s also a fact, like it or not!

    The Elders told me I had to give up a high paying Job as an engineer because just SOME of what the company did was military related, but here we have them, the Watch Tower, directly profiting from warfare and that seems now to be OK. Can you say hypocrites! Sorry for my ramblings but I was invited to attend the phony memorial and was just bursting at the seams trying to hold back my tongue. Every time a smart bomb goes boom, the Watch Tower makes a profit. The above writing is likely incoherent, but it is also factual nonetheless. I just needed to vent in this post.


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