Did YOU Go A Bit Wild or Crazy When You Left The "Truth"?

by minimus 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • Twitch

    Sex, drugs and rock n roll

    Oh yea

  • MrFreeze

    I grew a beard and long hair. I must have been as insane as this guy:

    That was the only thing I did different. Oh wait, I smoked marijuana a couple times. Did the normal "I just left JW's" stuff while I was still in. Drinking. Had sex.

  • krejames

    I always had a wild streak and went a bit crazy before I left - no drugs, just lots of clubbing and erm "loose" conduct. Once I was mentally out I settled down and feel quite calm these days....in fact I'm quite happy to think that deep down I'm quite a boring person lol

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Ok Rip, who needs to fly out to Amsterdam when you live in California. Just dont dare me..........;-)

  • Balaamsass

    Yes. I swore out loud three times!! The wife laughed!

    We then helped out at a community fundraiser for sick children. We also enjoy a nice glass of wine and conversation while all the local JWs dress up and franticly race to the meetings.

    We are one of those wild crazy ex-JW couple they warn you about.

  • perfect1

    wouldnt you like to know, minimus Maximus.

  • transhuman68

    I was wild & crazy from the day I was born, lol. Most of it I don't regret; but it was the alcohol that constantly caused problems. Just lucky to be still alive, and have all my arms & legs, I guess...

  • Satanus

    Oh yah. I started going to pentacostal churches. Pretty wild.


  • Defianttruth

    I grew a beard. I went to college and the girls they were a plenty. Smoked a little weed. I got a job that didn't involve washing windows. I got married to beautiful tattooed goth accountant. I had a couple of kids. I pretty much dropped anchor after the kids. Now, I just float by and watch the kids burn themselves out like I did.

  • grumblecakes

    yeah, kinda.

    i watch and listen to what ever the f**k i want.

    got a tattoo.

    smoke pot.

    went to college (& got a degree!)

    have worldyfriends.

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