i got to say "i'm not interested"

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  • joyfulfader

    2 sisters came to the door and since i dont live in the territory they dont know me and i got to say "I'm not interested" for the first time :)

    it felt awesome. didnt have a chance to engage in conversation as i was quite busy but it was a nice first for me.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Good job

  • Mum

    Are you still an active JW?



  • Tater-T


    they came to my door awile back, before I knew TTATT, and it was a Man with his very young son, He asked " would you like to hear my young son read a scripture from the bible'

    I look down at the young boy, it angered my me, as That was once me, I said NO I wouldn't .. the young boy with his bible opened, hung his head in disappointment..

    I then look at his father in disgust.. and shut the door ... I wish I knew then what I know now I would have let him have it..

  • alanv

    Haha I remember as a pioneer when someone said to me I'm not interested', I retorted 'What aren't you intersted in,' the householder thought for a moment and said Jehovah's Witnesses. I replied ' we are not hear to talk about them', I am here to speak about the bible'. When they said they were not interested in that either, I felt I had done my job. Another goat found ready to be annihalated at Armaggeddon.

  • jookbeard

    dont let them get away that easy, you lost a golden moment to share TTATT with them,

  • joyfulfader

    SandraC- i havent set foot in a kh for over a year so def not active.

    i actually felt a pang of sadness for them because they dont have a clue. the sister looked crushed that i wasnt interested.

  • joyfulfader

    jookbeard- i would have loved to engage them in conversation but the timing was not good. my first question to the next one will be about the "loving" shunning policy.

  • jookbeard


  • ABibleStudent

    Understandable that you were busy. Next time why let them off that easy?

    If JWs want to share a Bible verse with you, share one back like John 6:60-70. Then ask them, "If Jesus did not shun his disciples who left him or order his disciples who stayed with him to shun those who left, why does the Watchtower promote shunning JWs who no longer believe that the WTBTS knows the Truth?"

    If JWs want to share a Watchtower or Awake! with you, ask them if they would like you to read them something from Raymond Franz's books (i.e., "Crisis of Conscience" or "In Search of Christian Freedom") or Steve Hassan's books (i.e., "Combatting Cult Mind Control", "Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves", or (his latest book) "Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cult and Beliefs"). You might plant a seed of doubt in a JW and your address will definately be put on the "Do Not Call" list.

    Peaece be with you and everyone, who you love,


    John 6:60-70

    New International Version (NIV)

    Many Disciples Desert Jesus

    60 On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?”

    61 Aware that his disciples were grumbling about this, Jesus said to them, “Does this offend you? 62 Then what if you see the Son of Man ascend to where he was before! 63 The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit [ a ] and life. 64 Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” For Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him. 65 He went on to say, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them.”

    66 From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.

    67 “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve.

    68 Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.”

    70 Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”

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