I dont beleive in the christian veiw of God , are their alternatives ? Other than Judaism , Islam ,or other popular Gods in the world today ?

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    According to one branch of simulationist thought, you might be laying on a bed somewhere with a visor on, living in a virtual reality, to awaken in the real world when you die in this world. The movie "The Matrix" depicted something close to that, although few people ever got to see the real world, and some of them wished they hadn't when they did.

    Personally I think it's more likely that we're just sim-people and our God is either the lab running the simulation, or a kid at his computer playing a game before dinner. In that case we shouldn't expect to live on after sim-death. But why should it matter, in that case? We're just numbers in a computer.

    My advice is, don't assign yourself so much cosmic importance. Everything else in the universe has a lifespan, then disappears, so why shouldn't we? Even if humanity is special, it's only significant on the composite level. We individuals contribute what we can to society and the advancement of mankind, and then we make way for the next generation. Life after death is either achieved by accomplishing something that lives on after you, or else you don't accomplish anything and you are rightly forgotten. Everything is as it should be, in my opinion.

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    I think Space Aliens were on a long journey and seeded this planet so they would have food on the trip back home. Maybe for fun or as part of an experiment they spliced just a little of their DNA with a Chimpanzee, making us just smart enough to be dangerous.

    Sailors did this all this time. If they found a new island in the S. Pacific they would let a few pigs or goats loose and chart the island. If they ran low on food they could hit the island on the way back and have a BBQ!

    I am just not sure if we are the food or if we are just raising the food, maybe we are both.


    smiddy At the last count there were a few thousand gods, though some of them may have died by now.

    Or you could invent one of your own that is exactly what you want him, her, or it to be. That would be my preference.

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    Go to Burning Man, in Nevada and find a spirit god that works for you-


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