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  • JWOP

    I've always seen it this way:

    Yes, your death pays for all of your sins.

    Christ's death, on the other hand, allows you to live again (whether on earth or in heaven, whatever you happen to believe). In other words, you aren't stuck in the grave forever.

  • AGuest

    You see accurately, dear JWOP - peace to you!

    A doulos of Christ,


  • Pterist

    Splash *** (ESV) For one who has died has been set free from sin.*****

    If they die in Christ the second Adam, otherwise they die IN THEIR SINS to be judged. John 8:24


  • Bobcat

    Searcher said:

    But when faithful ones die , they get their sins washed a second time, thanks to their Adamic death!!

    Aguest said:

    This is inaccurate.

    Bobcat said:

    In Searcher's defense, I think Searcher was being a little sarcastic pointing out the WT discrepancy between Acts 2:38 and the NWT rendition of Rom 6:7. But you are right. If taken literally, it is inaccurate.

    The "his" in the NWT rendering of Romans 6:7 also is inaccurate. It is an example of making the verse conform to an pre-conceived understanding. Ding's explanation of the verse was good. Romans 6:7 and the context leading up to it are not talking about physical death except as an analogy to baptism. Funny how JWs (including myself for many years) only used the verse to describe dead people.

    AGuest, can you provide a little more to the story about you and Carey Barber? It sounded interesting.

  • Splash


    Rom 6:7 is talking about a different aspect.

    I agree with you that one can die faithful or not, and there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

    Rom 6:7 however is merely saying that when you die you are no longer subject to the power of sin. You are no more so you can sin no more. It is not saying that your death has compensated for all your lifes sins so you have a clean slate, so to speak.


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  • suavojr

    AGuest, gives us some juicy details with your encounter with Barber and did you tell him he was not from the annointed?....

  • AGuest

    Here are a couple of links that might help, dear BC and suavojr (peace to you, both!):



    Unfortunately, there's a lot of other commentary and propaganda, but if you can trudge through you might be able to get the gist.

    Again, peace to you!

    A doulos of Christ,


  • OnTheWayOut

    "Sin" is a creation of religion which says you need forgiveness or sacrifice or penance or a clergy or something to get you out of trouble because of "sin."

    Obey the law, fight to change it if it is wrong, do not strive to hurt others, do good, and forget about "sin."

  • AGuest
    "Sin" is a creation of religion which says you need forgiveness or sacrifice or penance or a clergy or something to get you out of trouble because of "sin."

    The fear of the CONSEQUENCES of sin is what religion uses to keep people in fear and under (their) control. For those who don't want to live in such slavery... but also cannot ascribe to the lie that there is no God... praise JAH... there is a RANSOM.

    Obey the law,


    fight to change it if it is wrong,

    To the extent you can, yes!

    do not strive to hurt others

    No, do NOT!

    do good

    To the best of your ability

    , and forget about "sin."

    No, don't forget about it... because forgetting what it is can cause you to forget when you DO it. And so forget to ask forgiveness FOR it when you do. Of God... and the one(s) you may have sinned against. Forget about the WAGE of sin, though, yes... absolutely... because THERE IS A RANSOM! To deliver you from the consequence OF sin. Remember THAT... and that its VALUE... that of that ransom is available to you, too! If only you WANT it.

    A doulos of Christ,


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