NOT on AZ Jehovah's Witness elder arrested for strip poker with 14 year old.(2010)

by Balaamsass 22 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Balaamsass2

    PS, thanks for the link. Just 6 months. yikes.

    This was discussed at the Tahoe gathering. Is this the same elder who had just given a part at the convention before the news broke?

  • cultBgone

    So many nasty things kept hidden. Wonder what the ratio is of abusive elders compared to r&f sex abusers? You think it's higher or the same?

  • sparky1

    Circuit Oversser: "Brother Nelson, you are being considered for the office of Overseer in your congregation. Is there any thing that you have done, any sin you may have practiced or conduct that you may have been involved in that would prevent you from serving as an ELDER?"

    Brother Nelson: "Yes Brother Circuit Overseer I must be brutally honest because I love Jehovah and want to keep his congregation clean. A few years ago I played strip poker and had homosexual pederastic sexual relations with an underage boy."

    Circuit Overseer: "Thank you for your honesty Brother Nelson. I am glad that you recognize that playing Poker is a form of gambling. You show a very repentant and humble attitude. You cannot be appointed at this time but if you put in more hours in field service, show up for cleaning the kingdom hall from time to time, volunteer at assemblies and show loving, fatherly concern for the young boys in your congregation I am sure that you will qualify to be an ELDER during my next visit six months from now."

    Brother Nelson: "Thank you Brother Circuit Overseer. (Gives the circuit overseer a 'green handshake' with a $50.00 bill) Jehovah is certainly a loving and merciful GOD and I thank you for helping me to 'make straight paths for my feet.'

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