My mum says her grandchild will be killed by Jah...does he kill Millions of under 12 kids at Armagedon? God is LUV!

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  • clarity

    My favorite funny antidote to religious terrorism ....

    dedicated to newbies everywhere........>


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Just ignore the part of the Bible saying that God hates violence.

  • Heaven

    I don't think the average JW realizes they've aligned themselves with the God of War. Sad.

    Exodus 15:3: "The Lord is a warrior; Yahweh is his name." - NLT


    Mom Is Nuts!..

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  • Rattigan350

    " ANIONTED Mum she tells me how worried she is "

    So what?

    Why do people worry about what others say?

    Both you and your mom are wrong on this matter.

    People have been living and dying for centuries, why are people so worried about ones now?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The part that really gets to me is the glee in which dubs talk about the death of the billions at armageddon. Or dubs walking around the wealthy hill territory picking out houses they are going to live in

  • Finkelstein

    Talking with my ANOINTED Mum she tells me how worried she is that our lovely cute Grandaughter/niece Sarah, 9 months, will have her head cut off

    by Jehovah's angel at Armageddon.

    Whenever someone says something like that it should be realized with confidence that this person is not mentally healthy and should only be taken as

    such. There many people who are JWS (anointed and un-anointed) who if they were psychologically evaluated would not come out as being mentally

    healthy and its been noted that most JWs do suffer from some form of mental instability.

    And that is the "Truth"

  • hamsterbait

    Every year there are 70 000 000 more babies born. That means that whenever Armageddy comes there will be at least 700 000 000 million babies under the age of 10 slaughtered, 70 000 000 11 yr olds, 70 000 000 12 yr olds, etc.

    All because their mommy or daddy didnt want the Witchtower when the Dubbies knocked on the door.

    Dont tell me that jehoobie is delaying Armageddy because he wants MORE people to be SAVED.

    He just loves killing babies. Read the books of Joshua and Judges.

    Genocidal psychopath.


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