My mum says her grandchild will be killed by Jah...does he kill Millions of under 12 kids at Armagedon? God is LUV!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Talking with my ANIONTED Mum she tells me how worried she is that our lovely cute Grandaughter/neice Sarah, 9 months, will have her head cut off by Jehovahs angel at Armagedon. {My sister is disfellowshiped and I'm inactive former Pioneer/servant 10 Years} THIS SICKENS ME. I told her how Jah loves "even the embroy" of an unborn child. How could he kill a child that knows nothing about the Watchtower? What a cruel horrible dictator! Jah is more like a mass murdering HITLER! I hate Jehovah!

    If your a Witness think about the poor babies he will butcher at Armagedon because the parents closed the door on a person selling religious magazines!!!!!!!!!

  • ambersun


    Me too! I can remember only too well all the talks about how loving and kind Jehovah was and at the same time staring at those horrific pictures in WT literature of little children and small defenceless animals being hurled mercilessly into deep cracks that opened up in the streets at armageddon. No wonder I had nightmares!

    My mother used to fret about the children belonging to our relatives who were not in the 'truth', saying what a shame it was that they would never grow up unless we could save them. Well, none of them came into the 'truth' but they are all grown up with kids of their own now!

  • innerpeace

    This is the kind of fear that keeps people in, it worked on me for a while after i had my first son. I remember my parents coming back from an assembly one day and telling me that I needed to get back to the meetings cause the door was getting ready to close like in Noah's day and then it would be too late for me and my son. I was so scared and in tears, I went to a few meetings after that but then I just couldn't do it anymore. Then after learning ttatt, it made me finally realize once and for all there was nothing to be scared of anymore.

  • l p
    l p

    Tell her that you objecct to her 'hate speech'

    That she is never to talk about any of the family dying or being killed by god ever again and especially not around the children. This is psychologically damaging to children and you will not tolerate your children being psychologically tormented/tortured etc

    Im in Sydney

    Where are you?


  • irondork

    Witness 007: Jah is more like a mass murdering HITLER! I hate Jehovah!

    Really? Some nut job, or even a whacko cult or religion comes along and makes crazy claims about God and rather than see the claims for what they are, you concluded that God is a mass murdering Hitler.


  • designs

    Religions that teach a final judgement place on their members this duality hate and love. Normal people segment the hate part 99% of the time to function properly and only confront it when in a specific study or hear it discussed by a religious leader. Whether you claim to be 'Anointed' or 'Born Again' at some point even sweet little old grandmas have to confront the point that they will be involved in this slaughter of the 'wicked'. Sociopathic beliefs are a poison on civilization.

  • cofty
    rather than see the claims for what they are, you concluded that God is a mass murdering Hitler. - irondork

    I think Witness 007 actually said that Jah - as in the Watchtower concept of god - is a mass murdering Hitler.

  • Hermano

    Yup, I got family like that. The WTS Jehovah is like an abusive husband. He loves you, but he'll kill you if you cross him.

  • cofty

    Stockholm Syndrome

  • designs

    Read the Book of Revelations, the Seven Bowls of God's Wrath etc. around chapters 16. Mass murderer is pretty appropo.

    Love me or else, sweet guy.

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