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  • cobaltcupcake

    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when that announcement is made in a congregation that lost a member due to refusal of blood.

  • carla

    marking, hope to hear more

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    ME too Cobalt! The congregation I used to attend very nearly had no-blood fatality. The woman was just a study, but she refused blood after being in a very serious car crash. She was in such bad shape that her non-JW family decided to remove life support. She survived, which was good, but she's now a baptized JW and has since divorced her non-JW husband and remarried to a dub.

  • Finkelstein

    A randomly rogue comment from one CO or a misunderstood comment from people who were there.

    Factions of whole blood have been allowed by the JWS for awhile now.

    There is nothing recently from HQ Bethel to support what this was or could be interpreted by this CO's comment.

    You may not be DFed for taking a BT now but any individual who is in position of a congregation or in position within the organization itself,

    CO, DO, Branch Head, would probably be removed from that position.

  • NeverKnew

    TheRedeemer: This could be perfect timing. A very good friend of mine is a JW. I have been exposing him to the history of his organization and some of what I'm saying is starting to penetrate. We've been looking at the evolution of the vaccination policy from the 20's to today with respect to the loss of life. He's VERY bothered. I have mentioned the evolution of the organ transplant doctrine and told him the language was very similar. Both went from cannibalism to a matter of Christian conscience.

    Having seen his suicide bracelet in a previous hospital visit, I'm moving into the evolution of the blood doctrine. I would love to *use* this, but I don't want to become a false prophet.

    Please tell me your MIL is not 102 years old and talking to imaginary friends... please?

  • Theredeemer

    No she is not lol. Trust me, I was shocked! She would not be one to make things up! The fact is, the 33% part is not new. It's just math. What is shocking is the statement he made about the red bag and the don't ask don't tell comment he made. So many lives could have been saved. That's what happens I guess when you let people play god.

    This co is very young, about 30-35. I remember at the circuit assembly this past year right around the beggining of nov, during the last prayer he said please bless the fds then he paused then said "who is now the governing body". Me and my wife both looked at each other thinking is he making fun of it?? It was the way he said now, almost with a sense of frustration.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Interesting indeed! The number 3 is used for emphasis. A double 3 for double emphasis? "You may take this much, and no more, 33%!"

  • Fed-up

    If this is true....Please let it be true. It will be the final straw for so many people.

  • problemaddict

    Nope. This is not official. This young CO is off the reservation. The offical doctrine is still the same. Fractions=Christian to decide, 4 main components and whole blood=repent of you are announced as no longer one of JW's.

    This CO probably is reasoning himself out of a tricky situation because he knows its nonsense.

    I had a discussion with an elder and was candid with him about my feelings about blood. He told me, "then just don't say anything if you or your family take it. Problem solved."

    I told him I hoped one day he would realize how insane that sounded.

  • Pterist

    Apparently they have compromised on the % of specific components in blood, probably because of possible litigation.

    Here is a link that showed an elder doing all he can to save JWs kids that need blood transfusion and eager to compromise, by putting the responsibility on the doctors.



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