Just yelled at my mom today

by trujw 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ruderedhead

    You said what you needed to say, trujw. But please consider sending your Mom a card simply letting her know you still love her. If she is getting older, you don't want to have regrets, even tho I realize she isn't behaving in a loving manner towards you. She is controlled by a strange religion, and contiues to drink the kool-aid. You may have made her think a bit as well, and might want to keep the door open for her to contact you. I hope you feel better now with things off your chest.

  • perfect1

    Nearly every day I consider doing the exact same thing.

    I need to get it out.

  • talesin

    I yelled at my mom a few years ago. It was over the child abuse issue, and the 2 witness rule. It was one of my friends who was abused, and the ensuing events. I just .... lost it! She screamed back "Why are you so bitter?" Then my father told me I would never be welcome in their house again if I was going to upset her. They are old and sick, so I visit when my health permits, and we don't discuss anything of import.

    Anyhow, just to let you know, you're not the only one who has lost their temper about these things. I think that was a good suggestion above, to send her a card and say "I still love you". You don't have to apologize or back down from what you said.



  • problemaddict

    Hey man. Reach out to your mother to apologize. You have to be the better person here. No lecture, and no judgement. Only you know what she put you through. But here you are, alive and kicking. She kept you alive and did what she thought was best. Your life maybe would have been better, maybe not. Don't hold onto that anger, and don't make your aging mother bear the brunt of what the GB is responsible for. It would be better for you to call the service desk and go off on them. Your mother is a victim as well.

    No judgement. Just try to think it through, and lay off the liquid courage my man.

  • dog is god
    dog is god

    I was mad at my mom for a long time. How gullible she was (not in other areas of life) to basically "give me to them". My anger is not with the individuals (well most of them) but at the "goobering booby". They are the source of the whole business. Yeah, send your mom a card. You don't want this last event to be your last with her.

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