Just yelled at my mom today

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  • trujw

    Sorry to post this but for some reason after a year of not talking I got drunk this morning(yeah I know no lecture) and called my mom and blew up. I tolded her she was a false prophet and a horriable christian mother who never even came to her grandson's birth by my wife. My words came out like a river of rage from which I never knew. In this my wife tried to calm me as I spoke but 17 years of anger flowed from me. I said we were lied to I was lied to mother we wer told "This generation will by no means pass away" and it didint happen. Then in rage spoke of them never being right in 130 years never not once. She said thats not true. My rage continued and asked tell me what ever have they said that happenned? No answer but that is not true. I yelled tell me telll me one thing that they ever said that acutally happenned..... The silence killled and she hung up the phone. My wife a non JW looked up and held my hand. I know you would think that I would be sad and yes I am but a part of my spirit is released. I said my peace I have closer. She is getting old and I felt in her mind I WAS THE ONE who left the truth and I told her in no uncertain terms SHE was a FALSE propthet and liar. A demon that has had my sole has gone my nightmare of silence over.

  • Balaamsass

    Tru...she is simply a sheeple and a victim of the cult as well.

  • whathappened

    Write her a letter and tell her you love her anyway. She is your mother and you may someday be riddeled with guilt if she goes to her grave with that not being said.

    She doesn't know the truth about the truth. If she did, she wouldn't still be in.

  • Satanus

    No judgement, here.


  • TheOldHippie

    Stupid, stupid you.

    And what good did you think you might accomplish with that?

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi trujw, I'm sorry that you were lied to by the WTBTS and how much anger you feel. I'm also sorry that you took your anger out on another victim of the WTBTS' lies.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    truJW, that is why I stopped drinking ten years ago, the rage and false sense of courage the bottle provides. You will regret this as time passes by, life is too short to get so angry. Your mother is going to grab hold of the Watchtower view of rebel Witnesses being "mentally diseased", "drunk and angry foaming at the mouth". I am sorry family knows how to hurt you the most, it's hard to accept how cruel they can be my friend. What else can you do? Something about the Organization alters their followers minds and turns off their emotional capacity of love, kindness and joy. The Witnesses are left with fear, guilt and numbness of the heart and pride, don't be like them, you are better than this!

  • ambersun

    Oh dear, I feel for you trujw I really do, but ranting and raging at your mom is not the answer. You may well feel better at the moment due to getting it out of your system, but in the long run you will feel mortified if anything happens to your mom and you have not made your peace with her. She is not a false prophet, just a victim of false prophesy and sincerely believes it is the truth.

    My suggestion is to wait until you have calmed down and collected your thoughts then give her another ring and apologise for your outburst and tell her that you love her. By all means tell her, calmly, that you meant what you said but that your comments should have been directed towards the organisation, not her.

    You are lucky that you have a kind, supportive wife at your side and I am sure she will help you to gather your thoughts together before you make that call.

    As Robert said, peace be with you and everyone who you love, and who love you

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    Im assuming your relationship with her is not good already, this could have burned the bridge between you, if you want a relationship in the future perhaps you should write her a letter detailing your conclusions and expressing your desire for her to be part of your children's life.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    good for you trujw. it sometimes takes actions like this to wake up a sheep. don't worry about the judgements up there, they're trying to blame you for something your mother imposed on you, being a victim or not (being a victim does not excuse treating other people bad, especially if it's your own family)!

    i'm glad you freed yourself from a burden, and if the booze helped you do it, well, sometimes that's just what you need. you can't always swallow everything.

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