Anonymous Message (YouTube) to Jehovah's Witnesses: #OpWatchtower - January 18, 2013

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  • trujw

    ok once again give me actual proofs. this is fun but come on give me an actual statement from wells. this is stupid. JW's in wells commiting felony disclosure? I worked in BofA I could pull any bank statements if I had the correct info. I would have gone to jail for this if I could prove anything to bring the WT down. This is B++ S#. Stop this I work at a bank retards. Give me a name and acct# number and I can pull any bank account with BofA again stupid all grant deeds and deeds of trust are all public record put in an address and you can see all recorded doc grant deeds etc. etc. Someone give me an addres I will go to public record and cut and past any recoreded document on that property it is that easy and not illegal. BTW I will not provide anything but public record but anyone can do this.

  • trujw

    OK 30 minutes later give me a fact or an address?? Like I said before I am the biggest apostate on this site but I hate this BS stuff. What is Menlo Parks address I will pull public record of their Grant deeds for everyone. We have so much let's not go Coast to coast here AKA crazy sh#@

  • trujw

    Here are the facts on 4-18-11 a grant deed was filed by Ernest Brede & Luis Contreras it was a change of corporation of Menlo Park congo of JW's to the English Congregation of JW's, Menlo park CA inc. So yes their is something going on this in public record for anyone to check Doc# 2011-044636 San Mateo

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  • trujw

    Iron I am corrected I pulled public record and what did I see a change of corp. and that guys name Brede. Now all this other stuff well I dont know but Brede did pull a change of corp. Now maybe just maybe ok Jdubs are pulling financial records. God I hope so I would love to sue!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    tru -

    Go back and do what I suggested. All of the documents and subpoenas involving the deed and the bank statements are included in the court documents that are found on Go check them out.

    In the State lawsuit there are documents and testimony about how the bank statements, the official corporation papers, and other documents were all messed with and changed outside of the legal guidelines. There are exhibits (including some of the bank documents) included.

    At this point you are just showing your ignorance. I don't want to be too harsh, but you should be embarrassed making assertions that are clearly discounted by available public domain court documents and exhibits.


  • Balaamsass

    Thanks Juan.


    Trujw, you said: " I worked in BofA I could pull any bank statements if I had the correct info. "

    Could you also make it difficult for others to find records, or shuffle things around and hide information? I just wonder because what would stop a JW who worked at a bank from helping the WTBTS in the name of theocratic warfare?

    I agree with you, I would love to see something REAL and irrefutable go public. Sure some JW's would be affected, but ultimately it would be for everyone's benefit.

  • okage

    tweeted. read the files and most of them make me wish i never have to go to menlo park for anything. just a bunch of crooked bastards mixed in with some decent bastards. when you go to a church that has banks and police and politicians on the payroll you should learn to expect bad things.

    im hoping more each day that every member of rank in the watchtower society goes down in flames.

    this actually brings me to a point that i will post about later today.

  • WTDeserter

    Something tells me the WT is in deep sh1t now! Read the Anonymous book and I can imagine what will happen or has already happened. I anyone is interested I have the book in PDF form.

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